Republic of Ireland Declares War…..

…..on moo cows!!!! Of some of the most useless things we have here in the Republic of Ireland,we have the defense forces. Over the last week army snipers were called out to shoot so called “wild cattle” on a farm that the bank had a repossession order on. The agreement was that the animals were to be sold as assets to go towards the farmers debt but no …..The mother fucking shit eater’s that are irish bankers decided that it was easier to shoot the animals as that way they can take over the farm as soon as possible. So enter the irish army, who for a rare occasion were allowed shoot something and thus killed the herd. I live on a farm but know nothing about farming, but having almost married a farmer ( female farmer…fuckers) I know the connection there is between a farmer and they re livestock.  I feel so sorry for this farmer as he had to go through listening to these animals being  shot. So now the army will do the banks bidding in order to get the banks money, this is the final straw for me because I once respected the irish defence forces, but not now …here is why.

The irish air Corp is a joke, the only jet planes we have are Lear jets used for political idiots to fly to other countries with a fucking bowl of shamrock on St.  Patrick’s day and for home defence we have old propeller planes and a few shity old rescue helicopters. What’s needed is a full overhaul of the irish air Corp ….The Brits stopped using harrier jump jets 3 years ago and these are ideal for us. With six harrier jump jets we would be able to have four in the air and 2 reserved.  This would allow us to use the vtos capacity  ( take off straight up) and being a subsonic plane ( doesn’t break the sound barrier) our search and rescue capacity would be greatly increased. Add to this 6 sea hawk helicopters ( the sea going version of a black hawk) lives would be saved and our patrol area greatly improved  ( I ll explain why this so important in a second). Plus the spares for both are cheap and at the moment a private person can buy a harrier off the brits.

Enter the irish fucking navy, dear jasus I ve never come across such a bunch of tools in one place in my whole life. Remember that tv show ” treasure quest” well the irish navy was the only navy to board they re ships, for no other reason than to get on TV. ..fuck sake what an embarrassing bunch. Guess where two of our ships are at the moment….The fucking Mediterranean fishing Muslims out a the sea ( I ve nothing against Muslims and feel sorry for they re situation which forces them to flee on shity boats but it leaves ireland without patrol boats) and thus leaves the west coast of Ireland open to massive drug imports. Not just any drug either….its the new super cystal meth. This shit is terrible, one smoke from the glass dick (pipe) and your hooked then it’s 3-4 years of rotten teeth, selling your arse on the street, then death. If you don’t believe me ask America about zombies.

Every so often in America, a road sign that flashs” road closed” or some such warning is hacked and reads ” Danger zombies ahead” this means crystal meth additics ahead. These are the worst kind of additic  as they will do anything to get a fix and this is why our lack of patrol capacity is so terrible. With shity planes and our tiny navy out trying to get tv time, your son’s and daughters are being exposed to this new super crystal meth coming in from Mexico.  Gone are the days when we had  a joint behind the school thinking we the shit….no this is a serious problem. Before we were forced to join Battle group north ( reason our ships in the Mediterranean ) we had a some what bit of control of the west coast…. but now without these ships, no jump jets, no sea hawks the door is open and meth labs have already been busted in Ireland.

So let’s gets back to the army, people join up hopefully thinking of a career. ….no you ll get 5 year contract and then told to fuck off. Then there is the great job of guarding money changings at the bank…..either no bullets or blanks in they re guns!!!! I think you could rob them with just some harsh language. I don’t include  the elite irish rangers in any of this as they are one of the best special forces in the world. When the U.N. needs a kick ass group to go into a danger zone they call the irish rangers….respect. But back to regular army who now are out doing the banks bidding by not only killing animals but also killing the man that owned them…..They may not hav shot him but they killed him inside none the less.

So there you have it…..The irish defence forces now work for the banks who now hav armed troops to get you off your land once they have finished raping you with loan repayments….We also hav ordered a new ship to pull more lads outa the Mediterranean so that they can come to ireland, get treated better than you and health screen them….are you kidding that might be against looking under the beekeeper suit…..A passport. …wtf is that ah Shur come here anyway lads…We ve plenty of super cystal meth,  and plenty of zombies too.

Oh on a different note…. The crazy heifer Hillary  ( fucking army should do something bout her) is going to be investigated as the case on the 39000 emails is being reopened. But nothing will happen but it is fun watching her go nuts at her rallies….I honestly can’t tell anymore if she has lost her mind or really knows she is talking bollox.

Until tomorrow guys and gals….love you all.

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