Gottca, ya little bastard….

Well fuck it…..I had a whole rant typed up bout Sweden….it was great I loved it and I deleted it by mistake….nice going porta…dumb ass

So I ve a very important topic ( nothing is more important than Swedish women in bikinis…porta) pokemon!!! Wtf is going on with this pokemon craze. I thought the little yellow bastard was dead. Having never played ” crush my candy balls”  or ” fuck the farmers wife in a villa” the craze of games like this is lost on me.

Yesterday in the USA a guy woke up to find a showers of losers in his front garden looking for pokemon!!! Dude if they come back …please feel free to beat the shit outa them. So pokemon….Here’s how I see the game…you get a GPS location where a virtual pokemon is at  and you then catch the little bastard and then he goes off to have sex with a chicken and you get an evil pokemon that fights…or something..ah who the fuck knows really.

The worrying thing about this is its mixing adults with kids looking for these pokemon things. Shur there is nothing wrong with a perverted looking mofo in a trench coat walking around talk to kids bout his pokemon….back in his white creeper van… no …never.. he is probably a lovely fella if he was such a freak. Also there is two programmes buildt into this pokemon game…one for high IQ and one for low IQ people. When the the high IQ people are discovered they re GPS is located and they are suddenly put aside for better education and jobs…don’t believe me…I suppose they just happened to come across your son or daughter and they re scholarship was pure chance. For the poor stupid people, (99%) of us….well we get to look for pokemon. 

It’s a scary thought that parents are allowing kids out to strange locations to look for virtual pokemon. But having spoke to a parent yesterday…jasus nothing would surprise me…she shouldn’t be in charge of a dog let alone kids. Or if parents are hoping that they re child will be be the top iq bunch….not all kids are that bunch. Me…I preferr going for a walk…chatting to women…and well generally having a life than looking for a fucking pokemon in some guys rubbish bin.

There is so much more to life. Have you tried taking to a person who lives on they re phone or plays video games all day….it’s like talking to an empty shell…lights are on but nobody home. I know one guy who stays up 72 hours straight to finish a game…he doesn’t even know who Hitler was!! And he just got a girl pregnant….there is ur future.

So back to basics ….we re fucked. I’m so stupid I manged to delete a whole post bout Sweden….( oh I love Swedish women…long cool women in black dresses) but no fucking pokemon got in my brain….

Tomorrow I will be back on form…until then guys and gals …

Oh and to a special girl….fuck off and never contact me again you stupid fucking user hop head….I love a good out burst😀

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