Number 1 hoe…

​Just before the civil war in America, an English major visited the confederate states and said …” he had never seen a place where everyone carried a gun….but was such a polite society ” ….it summed up the gun control problems for me when I heard this. If someone wants to cause trouble at an event or run they re mouth bout killing police….well ain’t they going to think twice about acting on it if they know everyone around them has a legally held gun….I know I’d be polite to everyone if I knew that everyone carried a gun. But that’s another days rant…

Today instead of looking at the politicians and they re petty nonsense…let’s look at the first ladies. Just imagine if elections were won based on the politicians partners. That would be hilary fucked…( i heard they are moving to Canada cause it’s legal in Canada to have sex with an animal now…but who is who) ….and well Obama..what can I say there is something strange going on down there. So here is a list of some of the first ladies from around the world.


This future first lady has it all, good looks, a smooth talker …women love him…hang on Billy isn’t like that at all!!if it moves he ll fuck it and I can just picture the staff of the white house mass buying chastity belts for protection.


Dear jasus….what is that??? I hope it’s a cock, cause otherwise fuck knows.


Ah there they are now, the happy couple. Being married to the hardest ass mofo on the planet does take its toll. Now she looks like an extra from “Dallas”

Mr. Thatchar 

Dennis used to get rat arsed  drunk every nite. Why would nt the poor bastard…Maggie only slept 2 hours a nite…think of the exorcist ” fuck me fuck me now”


We re not sure if she is George w. Bush’s mother or wife…or both. We ll investigate .


How did such a nutter produce such a beautiful girl. OK ok this is ment to be about wife’s but fuck off its my blog. She now designs jewellery for the rich and famous.

The North Korea first kady

OK so I can’t get her name right. So this is the little hottie that keeps that mad bastard at home. When he is not trying to build a rocket to go to Mars to look for chickens…I’d say he is true ladies man..” guess what I did today my dear…I buildt a missile “then she would ask ” what are you going to do tomorrow supreme leader ” …..” same thing I do everyday pinky…try to take over the world”


OMG this woman is so sexy. When she and Sarkozy used to go to parties…one would go left and the other go right..then meet in the middle of the room..that way they had all the talking done with those who needed charm. Sexy as hell, and a musican….I’m in love.


Who cares what Trump wants….just look at her…she get my vote.

So call me what you will but a beautiful woman gets my vote, fuck it I’m a weirdo.

I ll be in better form tomorrow and back to my ranting self…Until then…watch out for bill..


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