With the world going crazy as fast as it can, I came across the main problem yesterday. We watch the news and see the madness of the world and most of us try to continue with our days …except for the the people who sit at home waiting to be offended so they can jump up and down and scream and generally look for attention.

I came across the someone yesterday who just needed petty power ( i can’t name her cause she ll sue me…so we ll call her Mrs pig vomit ” ) Mrs pig vomit. This is when it really hit home to me what the problem with the world is..the people waiting to be offended. Mrs pig vomit  ( without reading my blog) got offered by my blog jumped on her high horse and reported me everywhere she could. When someone comments on my blog I welcome it and I put forward my points and let the person make up they re own mind…when I did this to Mrs pig vomit and she saw she had no reason to be offended she got very mad and boy did she look for revenge. All that she tried to do hasn’t worked and I’d say I’m not the first blogger to cross Mrs pig vomit….but it saddened me to realise that there is people like this in the world.

So I decided to look up Mrs pig vomit’s blog….it was a blog about how she will tell you bout jesus for a small fee. FUCK YOU BITCH….MY JESUS DON’T NEED A SMALL FEE…HE WORKS FOR FREE!!! Can you believe this…she is offended by me when she is trying to steal money from people( except there was only one view and 87 posts…the one view was me so I guess jesus ain’t happy) Mrs pig vomit tried to tell me what to write…Mrs pig vomit tried to tell me how to write ..NEVER!!! 

I will never roll over and let a Mrs pig vomit rub my belly…fuck you. I am a White Catholic Irish European man…I do not hate anyone and I do not hate any religion. If you have a problem with that then we have a problem…and if you try to attack me or those I love…I will preach the Lord and beat the shit outa you.

To the Mrs pig vomit ‘s, the little miss can’t be wrong ‘s , the Mr I’m a fucking tool, the Mr u dropped  €50 luv of this world ( i ve have loads more people …you ll meet them as I go on) you will never tell me what to do, never get me to conform, never get me to roll over and play dead….you will never win because there is people like me in the world

Yes I’m an asshole, yes I am one of the most annoying people you will meet..yes I am stupid…call me what you will. If you think I’m a bollox…let me know….if you think I’m great…let me know..the worst thing you can do is nothing. I will always answer and you can’t offend me.

So to bloggers everywhere, write about everything and anything you want…be passionate about what you write, enjoy what you write….ignore the Mrs pig vomit’s of this world but remember one thing….be true to yourself….in the end that’s all you have…

Until tomorrow guys and gals 

( i ve changed my posting time to 3pm irish time…just so u know)

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