“A worried man with a worried mind….

….nothing in front of me and nothing behind, there’s a woman on my lap drinking champagne ”
Bob Dylan had it right…it’s how I feel right now. We re watching the world rip itself apart on TV and we re just switching over to what a dumb ass celebrity is doing. It makes my mind numb. 

So I ve decided to put together a rough idiots guide to what’s happening and why ( please don’t think I’m calling anyone an idiot because I’m one of the biggest idiots you can meet…but it just sounds good)  so here we go.

Islam was kinda created around the 6th century.  They have Jesus too but he is just a prophet so straight away it’s at odds with Christian religions. So move on to the crusades. The Muslims control Jerusalem and the Pope thinks ” Hey this is a handy way to make money….a crusade to kick out the muslims…but call it a holy war” really it was like Iraq going into Kuwait…rape the wealth of the middle east. So he calls for knights and armies to go on crusade to free the city of Jerusalem…but the majority are the wrong type of knight…they re the nut bag ones who enjoy killing too much. So  in the 12th century when the crusaders got into the city…well they spent a week killing ….well  just about everyone…bodies were piled the hight of the city walls. 70 years later the Muslims take Jerusalem back and kick the arses of the crusaders all up the coast of modern day Israel….Until enter Richard the lion heart and his lot of crusaders. Mass killings are being done on both sides and Richard lays seige to city of  Acre…when he takes it, he and the his knights are hot and kinda pissed off so they decide to well kill just about everyone….10000 put to the sword. Richard was then driven out of the Holy Land but had to go home anyway cause his shit head brother was trying take his kingdom. 

Let’s fast forward  ( remember this is a very basic out line….look this shit up yourselfs) we come to the Ottoman empire ( Turkey). These lads are all bat shit crazy and invade Europe and basically kill..well just about everyone they meet and rape all the white women….(pretty much same as today) until they get they re arses kicked at Vienna in 17th century and they fuck off back to Turkey

Atrocities on both Christian and Muslim sides are committed over the years but boarders pretty much stay the same until about the present day ( i need to point out that there is 2 major groups of Muslims, sunni and shihite …who don’t really like each other much….just like there is two major types of Christian, catholic and protestant…who don’t really like each other much)

So we arrive at present day, where the west looks at crusades and battles against Muslims are part of history…well they kinda ain’t forgotten and now kinda see it as they re turn to return the favour for the history to us. Islam also has no real center ,not like the Vatican as we have, so it’s a religion that is ment to be spread and that’s what they are doing at the moment. 

All the killings being done at the moment by nutcase Muslims will only lead to killings of Muslims by Christians….like it or not guys and gals there is a war coming and it will be the dirtiest one yet and Im sad as we will all be dragged into it.

So I hope that this guide helps to explain stuff a little ( or else it’s the most fucked up history lesson ever). In other news…Bill Clinton proved that there is life after death. Yes Wild Willy Bill looked like living proof of life after death when he called Hillary ” the love of his life” at the DNC. He is one seriously creepy dude. And he still hasn’t raped anything except there is warrants for his arrest for God knows what….sex with Madeilene Albright maybe ( that’s twisted even by Bills standards…..hang on Bill has standards!!!!!) But more on that tomorrow 

So until tomorrow guys and gals…read your history and make up yer own minds on it and remember always bend at the knees when picking stuff up off the ground because Bill must be pulling the handle off himself at this stage and not even goats are safe.

Love you all guys and gals….

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