Having had a few complaints that I give women more of a hard time than men ( i don’t if you  read all of my blogs I give guys just as much shit as women but women always have the moral high ground here) So I ve put together a list of woman who I look up too and use as an inspiration for business and life.

Before I start, I don’t respect people because of they re age, money, success or any such bullshit….I respect the person for who they are inside and what they do in life.So when your in a bar and you see the closing time girls looking for some one to bring home or the male piss heads sitting at the bar alone having a mental wet dream about the 16 year old girl behind the counter….these people at fucking tools and they get about as much respect from me as they deserve….none. Another type of person I can’t stand are the gold digger man or woman…..if you need to latch on to someone to take they re money….well then you re going to get the piss taken outa you by people like me. So if I come down  hard on people weather it be male or female it’s because I don’t like them

So to our list


This woman is the single biggest reason that I push myself everyday to make a success of business.  Yes she started as a porn star ( believe it or not I ve never seen any of her porn films) but she started out with nothing, worked with what she had and  is now worth over $50million. Any guy who tries to knock her she crushes and takes no shit. Jackson guitars have two guitars designed about her ( both I own) and her first book ” how to make love like a porn star” is a best seller. I respect and admire this woman so any fucking idiot who tries to say she is  ” just an auld porn star” can fuck off….how many men can start with nothing and take over the world. Jenna rocks 

Marie Antoinette

Even after being charged with some of the most disgusting charges that no woman or mother such have to face….she still held her dignity.  The nutcases of the French revolution when they drove her in a cart to be beheaded could not break her. She went to her death standing upright. Even the press at the time said ” the insolent whore went standing straight up to the guillotine ” because they were amazed by her. Her will and sheer spirt is to be respected….how many people have the strength to say ” fuck you” to everyone even going to her death. Most of what history has said about her is lies too.

Raghad Hussein 

I wrote about her a while back and yes she is bat shit crazy and supports ISIS but she has nailed her colours to the mast so to speak. Arrest warrants for her world wide….what does she do…go on the piss. She is drawing a line in the sand ( ok its a bat shit crazy line)and saying ” fucking come get me”. That’s a bad ass woman and I respect that.

Carla bruni

Do you really think that Starpozy got to be president of France on his own. No without Carla he would have been nothing. She is probably the best and sexiest first lady ever. Girls and guys everywhere could learn from Carla, she is the master of using sexuality and not sex to get things done. There is a massive difference and so many guys and girls don’t know that.

Elizabeth Bathory

This woman has been given a raw deal by history. She used some of the first documented medical ideas and because she kept track of the people she cured and people that died in her hospital she was branded the Countess blood….a mass murderer. She helped more people than killed but you won’t find that in history books because it is easier to make her into a vampire. A Nobel woman who gave back to the world and was branded a killer for it. I hope I could be just half as Nobel as she was.

Porta de Rossi 

How many people would give up everything for love ( especially to that nutter Ellen) if you cant respect  and admire that your a tool.

Danika Patrick

Indy car driver and nsscar driver….enough said.

Golda Meir

When Munich happened this woman launched a campaign to kill all those involved that fucked with Isreal. She took no prisoners and kicked ass. Every bit of this womans life is to be admired. Most guys would buckled under the pressures but she said ” fuck em….kill em” she has my respect.

Women of IDF

If you don’t know what the IDF is go look it up. These women stand side by side with men on the front lines. They even bring machine guns to the beach while wear bikinis….bad ass bitches.


The women every where who get up each day and keep life in a household going. The women who do almost every job without complaint. Like my mother, dealing with a life long sick child ( me) who is in and out of hospital and now looking after a sick husband….without complaint. It amazes me how women all over the world don’t realise how strong they are and allow themselves to be put down. Don’t.  I admire and respect each and everyone of yer quite uncomplaining strength.  Most guys could not do it. Respect

So does it shocked you to find out the person who Porta Gregor admires the most is an ex porn star. I don’t care if it does. 

Until tomorrow guys and gals….we re back to world news and those crazy kids the Clintons 

Love you all guys and gals….

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