Now i ll admit that i come up with some pretty screwed up ideas. I asked weather or not you would get you on Sadams daugther after 20 pints if Guinness, i put together a list of the biggest tools in the history (which i think i won) called out the fake fruit cakes and so on…..But the British have beaten me with the stupidest idea of all fucking time…..this is unbelieveable…A ANTI JIHADIST SCHOOL!!!!!

No your not reading the above wrong , the brits have come up with this idea for jihadists who had left England in order to go off and rape and kill women, sell kids for sex, learn how to blow shit up, behead people and well generally become total assholes……but then when work is slow I guess they want to return to England ( remember they are english citizens) well they dont get put in prison god no that might be fuckingg hard on these poor nutbags. No the best idea is an anti jihadist school where they will learn how to not be jiadists. Are fucking kidding me!!!!!

So at this wonderful school they will learn how to be good nice next door neighbours that you would lend your car too ( little bastard will probably blow the fucking thing up anyway so you may as well give him the car before he takes it).This the single biggest asshole of an idea that I have ever heard, even I would nt come up this idea and I come up with some pretty fucked up shit. Why is what i picture the class to be like…..

Setting: modern classroom like those shitty ones we remember from school, fits about 30 tables and chairs all of whom are occupied with bearded men with crazy eyes. At the little step at the top of the classroom is a fucking stupid lefty female 30 something teacher in front of a white board.

Teacher: “settle down class come on now settle down we have alot to get through today as it is the first day of your anti jihadist programme”

from the back of the classroom a hand is raised

Teacher: “yes Jimmy(rememeber he is english) what is it”

Jimmy :”Can i still rape a woman for not wearing a bee keeper suit”

Teacher: “No Jimmy there is no more raping im afraid”

Jimmy: “ok ok but beheading is still on the cards yes?”

Teacher: “No im sorry Jimmy but beheading is also off the cards you are here to learn how to live without theses things”

Jimmy looks angry and pipes up with

Jimmy: “so no raping , no beheading,  I suppose pushing a wall on a woman and throwing gay people off buildings and blowing shit up is out tooo?”

Teacher: “Jimmy langauge, all those things are now out and i dont think you re are taking this class seriously…..come up here and sit on the bold jihadist box.”

Jimmy gets up from his seat and mutters

Jimmy: “I should have fucking stayed in Syria …..what the fuck are we going to do on a saturday night now lads”

The whole class of 30 year old males sniggers with they re heads down and hands over they mouths

Teacher: “what did you said”

the liberal lefty tool teaacher is getting mad as she thinks they are not taking her seriously…..(well the are fucking jihadists you fucking donkey)

Jimmy:” I didnt say jack shit” as he sits on the bold jihadist box in the top corner of the classroom

Teacher: “No more of that language Jimmy now sit there and be quite as the rest of the class learn how not to be jihadists. Now you all see what happened to Jimmy you dont want to be like Jimmy do ye. Now we ll start with our first learn lesson its a little song to help you all remember that ye are no longer jihadists”

She turns to the white board where there already is written the lyrics of the song

Teacher :” Now i ll go true it first as its alot to take n and its a massive change in lifestyle so here we go…”

“one ,two , three……no more rapeing for me”

“Four ,five ,six…….no more selling children for sex”

“seven, eight , nine……no more worrying if you set your bomb to go off on time”

The stupid lefty teacher turns around to face a bewildered class who stare at her blankly…

Teacher: “now everyone together, come on now lets all get it right first go, one two three… more rapeing for me….come on class”

The class mutter to life

The class: “one two three….”

Its probabaly the worst idea i ve ever heard….a fucking anti jihadist class!!!!! This comes after the fact the British news station are now told to try to not use the word ISLAMIC as little as possible and if there has been a terror attack by a muslim, unless a group has claimed the attack……they are to call the attacker David…..i shit you not …they are to call him fucking david!!!! ( I went to college with a guy called David and he was an asshole but that has nothing to do with it).When the fuck did we stop caring about the victims of these assholes and start worrying weather or not we are hurting the terrorists feeling ……im calling it…..THIS IS FUCKING DOGSHIT!!!!

But it did get me thinking about all the reasons to come  back and wanna stop fighting a jihad ( not that they re going stop its kinda like joining the reserves…..your in the army….but not kinda thing). Most of these guys seem to have a fixation on women….kill her for this reason …stone her for that reason ….but i know the true answer……lack of hot beautiful women. Yes you are reading right… beautiful interesting intelligent woman could end all the problems of the world if they were just left do it. Ill give you an example…..this is a hottie in jihad land

and this look is also a super sexy look

But then the boys from the jihad club get theyre hands on a magazine from the west and suddenly the jihad is in trouble as they see how beautiful and happy the girls are

Before “quick build a wall” can be said the boys are packing they re bags and running for the airport throwing the AK 47 over the shoulder and screaming ” fuck this shit there is hot women back home”.

So you see, beautiful women can change the world. As i said last week about Carla Burni….she knew the difference between sex and sexuality. So girls the faith of the world is in yer hands. But on a serious note be careful girls as there is attacks against women by these returning jihadists that are going unreported like in Germany where a female sitting minister was raped by 5 muslims and she would nt say that the men were muslim as she was afraid of sounding racist…..luckly it was caught on cctv but i dont think anything has been done because she did not press charges. And guess where this happened….at a Black Lives Matter rally….she was there to support the muslims and the Black Lives Matter people and thats the thanks she got… jokes aisde… please be careful.

Shit with all of my ranting im kinda forgetting about other news but i promise i ll cover the shooting tomorrow ( im still finding it hard to get the right details and get a clear picture of whats going on) also the forming up of a terrorist watch list by the Irish government ( finally the irish government do something useful). I ll also be looking at how twitter, facebook and google are being investigative for messing with serach words connected with Trump… there anything that those crazy bastards the Clintons wont do to get that heifer into office.

Until tomorow guys and gals…….be wary of the stupid lefty teacher for you never know she could have a class full of crazy bastards at her disposal… Oh heres another hot girl picture for you poor  jihadists

Love you all guys and gals……

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