So I need to get the stupidness of celebrity world out of the way first. Orlando bloom got his lad out with katy Perry…fine who gives a bollox ( I’m funny today) but then Bieber has a load of photos of himself with his lad out. Wtf. 

Bieber was with Sahara Grey ( who is she …fuck knows….considering I though it was Beyonces other name you can imagine my surprise when I saw the pic…great rack luv) so with all this nonsense going on enter Taylor Swift 

Taylor is ment to be the arch rival of katy Perry…why…again fuck knows!!! So what celebrity world is alight with is ….will she tell her fella to get his lad out. Ah for fuck sake….do these people realise how stupid they are.

So here’s a message to celebrities who are whipping they re lads out to try and stay in the head lines…..who has the biggest lad….I DO 😀 ….so fuck all you assholes….hahahahaha. Let’s go to  Britney.

Britney looks great but she’s still a tool…and yes of course I so would …but I wouldn’t be proud of it.

So with all that shite outa the way here is some serious shit. A mother of 7 had a row with a guy in an alley way in LA yesterday. The guy walked away calmly and could be seen smiling on cctv….he went to petrol station bought petrol and walked back to the woman who  was still in the alley way. He doused her in petrol and set her on fire!!!! All the time smiling on cctv….as he again walked away calmly and smiling!!! The woman is now on life support. Why does this bother me so much….well first off its fucking awful and it has been done to me.

When you get to the burns unit of the hospital they need to peel off the burn skin…dear jasus it’s awful…it’s similar to a fish being skinned but you feel everything. Then it needs to be dressed daily…you go from sitting to standing and all the blood runs back to the burnt areas and you scream in pain….this goes on for 6 weeks in my case

But then the worst of all happens….the mocking. What I found was when I got back on my feet months later….if I beat someone at pool…or didn’t take shit from someone or for whatever reason this was said to me ” pity yer man didn’t finish the job”. Honestly that hurts more than the burning. Now it was limited to hillbilly inbred fucks…who wanted me to kick off but I wouldn’t….my head was gone and I was weak. But those scores are being settled….I may forgive but I don’t forget.Please prey for this woman ….she has 7 kids….and if the piece of shit who did it is found….well a bullet is cheap.

Well tomorrow I ll deal with Trump and the lies being speak bout him by the media…Obama’s daughter shakes her ass and Zika….you won’t believe what I have to tell you…

Until tomorrow guys and gals….watch out for celebrities whipping they re lads out…and shur whip yours out too…why not.

love you all guys and gals…..

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