After 5 weeks of blogging I ve learned alot. The main thing being that you have to be true to yourself. I ve read so many blogs where people are Trying to write what they thing people whan to read ….but you can’t please everyone because no two people the same. Yes I am harsh…yes I am loud…but I live life the same way, if you hate me and what I write…thanks for reading and let me know….if you love what I write ..thanks for reading and  let me know. What im getting at is if you stand for nothing you ll fall for anything. There is so much world news that I can’t write on because you simply wouldn’t believe me….that’s the state we re in….these are strange days we re living so while we re here make yourself happy ….and fuck everyone else

So I ll start with Trump. The main stream media ran with a section 3 weeks ago that trump would drop out for $150m….hello…the guy is a billionaire and after the RNC he raised $98m in two days in donations to his campaign. But still the rumour is there and they won’t print or run with Trump’s answer ” there is not enough money in the world to make me drop out” plus it’s also illegal.  But the main stream media stations and papers that are running with this are owned by proxy by Obama and clinton foundations ( don’t believe me….please dig deeper  down the rabbit hole)

Also why are people listening to a media with a 6 % trust rate. What is it that Trump has said that is so bad….the answer …well nothing! After following the elections very closely, what I ve noticed is everything he says makes sense and is being twisted against him…..but he is still here….also the Mickey mouse polls that have him behind….they have admitted that the numbers are made up and real polls put Trump 8-10 points ahead. Something you should also consider….Hillary looks mentally ill….I’ll hope not because I would nt wish that on anyone ( if Mr I’m a fucking tool tries to jump on the band wagon here and tell me bout his issues…I ll need fucking help….THEY PLACEBOS YOU MUPPET) but experts seem to think personality disorder or tumour in the brain. I just thought she was a mean auld bitch but I hope there is not something wrong with her ( not for her well being…fuck her) but I don’t want someone like that with access to launch codes of nuclear weapons.  Look at her interviews and if you can honestly come away saying there is not a strange feeling bout it ….well…???

During the week Obama’s daughter was caught shaking her ass at a party. So what…she’s a young woman…let her have fun. But Obama  ( the worst president in history) came out and said basically the words I just used and women should be free to do what they want and he is right….except for one problem. Obama takes money from Saudi Arabia and has agreed to pay Iran  $1.7b over the Iran contra affair. Obama is also Muslim  ( don’t believe me….check out the pics) and has basically brought in Muslim laws by proxy. Yes he is a lame duck president now….but you can’t  go around preaching women’s rights while taking money from countries that openly kill women for what his daughter just did. Your two faced Mr president ….so I put this to you…you have a wife and daughters, if Saudi Arabia is so good and Muslim laws so great….when you leave office please move there…no one will stop you….just like you are stopping no one at the boarders. Speaking of which I’m proud to say that here in The Republic of Ireland we are vetting all people coming in to the country so if you ve been off killing and raping and now feel you can come here and the nice irish people will take you in…..well…fuck you and the camel you rode in on…we don’t want you nor anyone like you! If it turns out you are who you claim you are…then welcome to ireland .

So Zika….here is some stuff you don’t know about Rio. Rio has never faced a winter wither Zika plus the strain that is now being seen is a mutation of the orignal Zika  ( which is man made…check it out). So now the virus is changing faster than science can combat it. Also it is almost 100 times worse than the media are letting on. What scares me is there is almost 1 million visitors to Rio for the Olympics…..what happens when they come home. If they show no signs and go shagging ( which everyone does) we re going to have an epidemic on our hands. I know I’m eating my words here till I researched it….the athletes ain’t the problem… it’s the supporters because there is so many of them. I love the Olympics….but this shit scares me.

Also from Rio….4 days ago a bomb was remote detonated by bomb squad in the main stadium!!! Did you hear bout that in the media of course not. Also high tech dirty bomb ( non nuclear radiation bomb) equipment has been rushed to Rio from the USA!!! There is a very high chance of a dirty bomb attack. On the first day of Olympics…at the end of the pedeton   ( cycling) a bomb was remote detonated at the finish line. As I said I love the Olympics….but this is nuts.

In other terrorism news….two police men were shot by ISIS in Egypt and it was all filmed and sent to Isreal. Also in Belgium there has been another attack against police…this time two female police officers. It’s just breaking as I write but you will hear details throughout the day.

This shit must stop. The PC trendies can go kiss my ass. If you wanna go out and hug a terrorist go do it….but don’t you fucking dare point your stupid finger at me fuckos and call me racist or not PC because I don’t like terrorism against innocent people nor do I like people who treat women as second or third class people. You fucking wanna be trendies can try to get in my face….but honestly you won’t like my reaction….I ve nailed my colours to the mast and I ll sink with my ship if need be….but one thing I will never be is a fence sitter pointing fingers because you wanna be in the latest movement. You leftie scum make me wanna puke.

Until tomorrow guys and gals….I think i ve insulted enough people for one day…there is a new address for complaints it’s….kiss my ass@i don’t give a fuck .com 

Love you all guys and gals….

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