When I grow up I wanna be famous….

We all dare to dream don’t we. We see the famous people on TV and see the cars and all the crap they have and go ” I’d love to be like that”….well be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

Here is Iggy Azalea looking sexy as hell. She has just been named a judge on the loser factor in Australia  ( you know your career is fucked when your asked be a judge on shit like that) but still a super hot looking girl who is living the life….right??? Wrong.

Dear jasus….wtf. This is her after plastic surgery ( ain’t that ment to make you better looking). She is famous for her ass but wtf is going on there….to stay famous you gotta do that to yourself..I ll pass if you don’t mind.

Cara delevingne turned 24 ( she looks stupid in that outfit…but its fame guys ) she had a life sized cake and all these naked girls around plus all these famous friends…in a massive waste of money that was her birthday party. Do you just become stupid when you become famous… I’d want to keep the money.

But here’s the great news…this is Sahara Grey….a goddess…she is stunning. Who is she…fuck knows or cares but she seems to be dating that tool Bieber  ( the price of fame ….sex with Bieber) Sahara is a truly beautiful woman…please leave Bieber and take me…I’m broke and have 3 cats….but me love you long time … $10. Oh just so girls won’t feel left out here’s a pic of Bieber….trying to fuck a pig ( price of fame…or just a weirdo???)

Celebrities piss me off but honestly what Hilary has done is worse. On the leaked emails she basically caused the death of an Iranian scientist. He was charged with spying for the usa and hung. His name is popping up in her emails and it looks like she knew and did nothing. So what about all the other people helping to fight terror….well if your undercover and knew hilary at any stage in your life your pretty much fucked.Oh Bill forgot he was married to Hillary and called Trump her husband in a speech….these two could fuck up a cup of coffee.

So back to Iran. The leader of Iran before they hung the dude said ” he was selling secrets to our number one enemy …America ” Remember ” number one enemy”. So Obama agrees to pay $1.7billion to Iran over Iran contra but then denies he sent $400million in hard currency to Iran last week…..except he forgot to tell the Iranians to shut up about it….Here’s a pic.

In even worse news for the usa….ISIS have shown pictures of weapons they captured from the USA armed forces.  Serious shit that can bring down planes and stuff like that. Basically the stuff you don’t want a bunch of nutters running around with….except the US army can’t seem to figure out where they got em. This scares the crap outa me…lost weapons in the hands of Fruity loops….I hope they find those weapons and none are used in terrorism attacks ( what am I saying hilary will just sell them back to the terriosts  later on again anyway) Before I go check out these bunch of assholes.

These guys are “war tourists ” ( of course the dude giving thumbs up had to be irish). This pic was taken in Afghanistan!!! Where gimps like these guys go on holidays….are you fucking kidding me. You wanna see war….go to a refugee camp…see the families destroyed by war…the abused kids…the women being hunted just because they re women….that’s war!!! There is no holiday in war you stupid fuckers.

So before I get angry I ll shut up.Here is another pic of Sahara Grey  to cheer us all up.

So until tomorrow…do I wanna be famous…of course how else will I afford to hang on to the beautiful goddess that is Sahara Grey….but I’m not fucking the pig or getting plastic surgery on my ass ( all the ladies and most gay men agree I ve a great ass)

Love you all guys and gals…

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