” I want to drink your blood”

OK I’m really tired this morning so I ll get straight into it. Heidi klum  looks amazing. She is 41 and has 4 four kids and looks amazing. Who cares bout Beiber geting his lad out and Adel saying she is going to shout up on stage….heidi rocks.

At the last Olympics Ireland had a horse stoned….this year a boxer and some guy selling tickets at a massive price…why cant we just go out to Olympics like a normal country

Now this is nonsense…women’s beach volly ball in hijabs. And they wonder why they lose….forget dobeing, checking they are really women would be a start.

Womens beach volly ball is ment to be sexy beautiful woman and showing that they are super fit. But this hijab gear for swimming and volly ball is just weird. Think of the heat! Ah that enough I’m too tired

These are hilary rallies….no one turns up.But yet on TV and papers you ll see massive crowds…they crop a the images!!! It came out yesterday that the press have been photoshoping  the crowds and claiming massive numbers at the rallies.Yesterday she had 171 people at a rally but press claimed 20000. It’s all just bollox. But was there was this guy at the rally

This clown is the father of the shooter at the gay bar in flordia ( who definitely wasn’t gay himself…never). This guy ran up to cnn and asked for an interview and showed a big sign he had made for Hilary. It’s just getting weird now.Bill still looks like a corpse 

Here’s a gay terriost too.

In trump news….a 62 year guy was beaten with a crowbar for wearing a Trump t-shirt!!!!. A guy walked into a cafe after following the the 62 year and beat into him…wtf. What really sickeneds me is that yesterday  the bombing in pakistan was given 2 inch column space in the paper . It’s awful  that we care more bout a gimp like this guy than the killings…meet darkness ( real name)

This fucking clown thinks he is a vampire  and wants to be treated like every one else….hello you re a fucking vampire  and you kill people!!!  This guy has his own coffin !!!

What happens if he pulls a girl at the pub ( ok so it’s pretty unlikely but could happen….maybe) . Where does he put her. ” do you wanna come back to see my coffin”…..”no fuck off ”

Guess where he learned to be a vampire….Galway. Ah jasus I ve had enough. I’m too tired for this fucking tool

Until tomorrow guys and gals….heidi klum rocks….hijabs don’t. 

Love you all guys and gals…

I ll be better tomorrow….

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