Today is for me.                

I’m taking a break from the news world today because I’m saddened as to how I see the world. I wish I was stupid, I wish I hadn’t woken up, I wish I could just put my head in the sand and make all the bad disappear…..but I can’t.  ” who is a man who does not try to make the world better” I live by this motto and I ve nailed my colours to mast. There will be alot of noses put out of joint by what I say today….but fuck it I don’t care ..these people and things are effecting the world and forcing hate….this stuff needs to be said.

Little miss can’t be wrong.  We all know one. Heading the wrong side of 30….couple of kids from broken relationship  ( nothing wrong with that because relationships break down) but using the kids to fund gambling, drink and generally fucked up lifestyle. No one forced you to have kids ….it’s not anyone’s fault but your own for your lifestyle choices…take responsibility. Looking for a rich guy to continue her ” mid life crisis ” but let me say this …YOU HAVE KIDS….grow up. I know so many of these girls it’s awful. First words when you meet one is ” how much do you make…have you land”….go away you fucking gold digger and look after your kids …be a parent instead of doing the walk of shame every day looking for money….Here’s the male version….Mr I’m a fucking tool

I know someone you pretends to have a mental health problem but is on placebos. All because he wants disabled allowance. I’m sick….all my life…I would love to work …but I can’t and I feel a failure everyday for it. But guys like him want to be sick…. they live off they re girlfriends and are just too lazy to work. And of course are rock stars in they re minds.Entry another…..Mr piss head.

These guys have destroyed women’s lives all over the world….how ….by being in the pub 24/7. They sit at the bar offering advice to young people stupid enough to listen and always someone says ” he is some man”….well take a good hard look at the picture guys and gals ….there’s Mr piss head….that’s you in 20 years if you listen to the shite he spits out….wake up young guys and gals….drink does more damage in one day than drugs. Here is some more people that will bring you down and try to fuck up your life because it makes them feel better about fucking up they re own lives.

Mr end of story …you’re wrong

Miss gold digger

Mr or Mrs 11 o clock  ( sex please …now I don’t care who)

If you think all Muslim women in hijabs are weird or ugly or whatever…check out these beautiful women.

So why force women into this…

……I don’t get it. I respect it’s part of religion but why stab and rape western women because you don’t like how they dress. The pricks  who do this sicken me as I can’t stand violence against women…you come to our countries and rape and kill to try and force your re way of life on us….fuck you!!! If you think I’m being harsh….then look at these images….this is the life terriosts want for you and the women of the Western world 


Woman about to get 200 lashes 

Woman after 200 lashes 

Punishment for reading the bible 

The hanging of gay men!!!! I have no problem how a man lives his life….it’s his business. Why do this to them….ALL THE SHIT ABOVE MUST STOP!!!! This is what’s coming ….this is what awaits your children if terror wins….draw you re line and stand up and say ” enough…fuck you…I don’t want this shit

Since starting this blog i ve taken on over 200 cyber bullies. The stuff they send to people is awful. The reason I do this is because a beautiful girl in the USA shot and killed herself because of cyber bullying…..I can’t walk away when I can help. Look at today’s political views, now it’s another form of bullying…a man shot for saying Trump would be a good president…a 62 year old man beaten with a crowbar in a cafe over a t shirt…a white woman being beaten up by 10 black guys because she went to a political rally…people beating up other people because they think they have more money than them!!!! In France just after the revolution when all the very rich had been killed, they started beheading people just over a nice pair of shoes….history repeats itself. I can’t walk away and I wont.

Before it gets too bad….here is a type of woman i love…a long cool woman in a black dress…( who are the women in the pics…fuck knows…but they are beautiful and there is no reason beauty should be hidden)

And last but by no means least….Heidi klum. I respect this woman so much. 41 …4 kids…they you told her she was too old to model….she wouldn’t get her body back after kids…press said she ll make nothing of herself and she said ” Hey fuck all you assholes….watch this” . She has made a muti million dollar business on her own and looks amazing.  Heidi you rock….I hope hijabs never are forced on a woman like this…or any woman. We have freedom….but freedom isn’t free…we must defend it or the candle of light in the dark that is freedom will blow out.

Heidi klum at 41 and 4 kids….beautiful and amazing… rock Heidi. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals…love me or hate me.. call me what you will…I’m Porta Gregor and I’m here to stay….

Love you all guys and gals…

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