Who the hell are these people?

I know I said yesterday that I would write about political families in the USA. ….but I spent an hour on George W. Bush alone ( no I wasn’t alone with him…. I was reading about him…) and to be honest he is so dodgey that it would take the whole blog a week just to cover the fucking Bush family, let alone the Clinton’s and those god dam Kennedy’s so I’m going to save that subject for when my podcast starts….soon, hopefully in September.

So back to today….I ve run into a little problem. I usually like to start with a good showing of how stupid celebrities are and the lengths they will go too to stay in the headlines, so there I was going though the (so called) celebrity gossip pages but …..I had no fucking clue as to who these people were or are! I mean here is bunch of no bodies who some how think people give a shit about them. If you know who these people in the pictures below are….well…you need to get out more and could probably do with sex of some kind….what ever you like but you do need a good ride if you know these people…..I have no clue who the are, so here’s the losers 

So now I guess we’ll have to cover some real news. I know everyone is sick of the cric house whore rows that is the presidential race in the USA. …but weather we like it or not it effects us all worldwide.  Team Hilary  made an utter balls of yet another speech in which she said she will work against any policy that takes jobs from the American people Inc the T.P.P. (Trans Pacific Partnership. …..it basically says that America will buy rubber dogshit from some shithole in asia) except one problem hilary. ….you came up with  the idea of the T.P.P. back in 2011!!!! She even mentioned it 45 times in one speech as to how great it is!!!Is her brain completely fucked? On that matter in a podcast she was asked bout her health and she said she walks everyday, tries to eat right, does yoga, does weights, is on a treadmill and so on…..but if shes so fit why does it take 3 big secret service guys to help her up 10 steps to a house…I’m 36 and I can do all that crap so I think she might be over playing her hand a bit there.

Speaking of houses,  Hilary owns 14! One of them is 20000sq/ft !!! And she complains about Trump building a wall on the boarder with Mexico. …but guess what she has around her house….A fucking huge wall with armed guards ( not that you want to break into the place because 20000sq/ft ….I would get lost and be there forever). So to Trump. ..Google twitter and apple have all come out and said yes they have been building a hedge around Trump. …meaning if you try to look him up its that little bit harder to find information about him than it is for Hilary. This comes out just after a CNN news anchor said ” we could not help Hilary anymore than were are doing”. It’s going to be one fucked up election 

Obama has given the go ahead to Iran to build two nuclear power plants…..are you fucking kidding me!!! This bunch of nutters hang people from cranes and stone women to death and Obama the tool thinks ” hey they re nice guys….They wouldn’t do anything bold like build  nuclear weapons ….never…i trust em”. The only real hope is that France or Isreal bomb the shit outa these plants before they become operational. Obama really is the worst president in usa history.

An ISIS dude was caught in the USA at some stage and he is either the biggest moran on the planet or else ISIS wanted rid of him. He has told just about everyone that ISIS have training camps in Mexico and that he could get a group of men across the border in one night and kill hundreds in Texas or Arizona and there is nothing to stop them. But of course Obama says there is security on the boarder but in reality there is jacks hit security there.

The joints chiefs even know where the training camps are!!!! But whats more worrying is that the drug cartels are now helping ISIS….can you picture a bunch of already wacked out nut jobs now stoned on coke….They would be like a sex crazed rabbit on speed just with bombs and machine guns. The only good news is if the terrorist’s are fucked outa they re heads on coke…..maybe they ll go off into the desert like good old Charles manson looking for an underground bunch of gimps that no one else gives a shit about. That fucker is getting out soon too. But the great news bout him getting out is that his brain will be so fried from being prison so long he won’t be able to use a phone….do the crime pay the time Charles my boy.

In other news,above is a russian SAM ( surface to air missile ) tank type thingy. You always hear about them in films but you never think of the size of them…..They re massive!!! Russia has moved a load of these things all along the eastern European boarder. Why….fuck knows …..but it aint a good sign because nato are building up tanks and planes on the other side of the boarder…..I honestly don’t know why tensions have gotten so heated but it aint good. Russia has also been praised for helping in the fight against IS groups in the the middle east. Yet another fail for Obama because let’s face he armed most of the ISIS wack jobs.

So until tomorrow guys and gals. ….I’m going to leave with a trendie,  this is the type of muppet who will tell you that your views are wrong and you have too much money and basically tell you that you are a right bastard except the trendie spends a fortune on the latest new”old looking” clothes and has no views other than that of the trendie next to him …who is even more stupid….oh and no mocking….its a dress for men😀

Love you all guys and gals. ……

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