Ok so yesterday was a little too serious and to lighten  the mood  i ve done a list of the sexy irish girls gone to rio .im kinda sick of people running down irish athletes at the Olympics. People should remember that these athletes have made it to the Olympics  ( the highest level in sport in my opinion) and it is very easy to mock them from you re couch as you undo the button on your jeans to let your belly pop out as you forget that these are people at the top of they re game. So today I’m going to look at the sexy super fit girls  representing the Republic of Ireland at the Olympics.First though im a musican and I hate to say this… But before I do the list of the sexy irish girls in Rio I gotta say this … …..I fucking hate buskers!!!!

Nothing pisses me off more than some fucking tool butchering a song outside a shop and then you walk 10 feet down the street there is some other gimp playing fucking elevator music that just drives you insane.

I know a guy who tried to convince me he makes €60k per year after tax from busking!!!!This is the level of tool we have in Ireland.  Don’t get me wrong one out of ten is amazing but the other 9 are utter shite. Please I beg you….fuck off trendies…honestly people will give you money to stop playing. Except if you look like the girl in the first picture or this girl below…I could nt care less if they butchered every song..a great pair of legs goes a long way…they re hot and don’t start every conversation with ” it’s about the arrrrt man” ….and no one makes €60k busking unless u selling more than a song dude ( oh shit it just dawned on me…he is a…..)

So here are the beautiful women of the Irish Olympic team. Now if your a feminist or pc person …..please fuck off now because this list is bout how hot they are and which I would love to date or bring home to meet mammy. Having dated an iron man ( woman) athlete, I know how difficult it can be dating a girl who is alot fitter than you….let’s just put it this way….you wake up hurting in places  that you didn’t know that you places. So here we go with the sexy fit irish girls doing us proud in Rio 

katie Taylor…..ammmm…..ahhhh…..hmmmmm…. how do i say this….Katie is good at boxing….OK we ll just move on…

Natalia coyle….she has gun….there is nothing sexier  than a woman with a gun. I so want to date this girl ….did I mention she has a gun….what event does she do….fuck knows…she’s hot…

And can shoot. She looks great in the gear too.

This is Leona  maguire and she’s a golfer. Never trust a woman can get access to golf clubs quickly because they be used on you and I ve seen that look in many a girls face ( it’s usually after I talk to them in a bar) so Leona scares the shit outa I ve no idea bout the face painting so don’t ask.

This stephene meadow again she plays golf so be careful….but she looks stunning doing it. Now shes a girl coming to see mammy. Stunning

These are horsey women. Not too sure what to make of them yet but least the horse is there in the morning to bring you home. All joking aside these are two women who would be cool to be on a date with cause horsey women can drink loads..Judy Reynolds and Claire Abbott. 

Here is Andrea brewster terms and Annalise murphy both are sailors. Beautiful girl next door type of women. The one big problem here is they re boats probably cost more than your car… your pretty fucked before you even start.

I think I’m missing a few!!!

OK ok you got me …I’m an asshole I downloaded all the female athletes  and then got mixed up as to who’s who and now can’t be bothered to go back and figure out which name goes with who….but that’s not the point (you can stop calling me asshole now) forget the sexy Brazilian girls or the super hot American girls….you want a real sex bomb who have  guns and golf clubs and could quite possibly brake you in bed ….take an Irish athlete. They are super hot.

Here’s my pick for future ex wifes

So until tomorrow guys and gals…feel free to fall in love with theses irish girls I did….oh we re back to real news again tomorrow….

Love you all guys and gals 

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