Victoria Beckham vs Black Lives Matter

This what it has come down too….and I’m ashamed to see it. The Beckham family are selling a house in the south of France at a loss of €4 million ……yet in the USA the Black Lives Matter group are looking for wite people to beat down for no other arson than they re white! A woman was pulled from a car and beat b Black lives Matter group. It comes after the shooting by police of a convicted criminal running from the police who also had a gun. It just an excuse to riot….but yet here are the Beckhams. 

And this is the house…

They ve never really been there so here’s the bed they probably didn’t fuck it

And the capper that never saw a crap 

But yet this is going to make the same headline space as what’s going on in milwaukee , usa. This is what has me ashamed….that we would rather look at a stupid looking house owned by idiots rather than adress the real world. It seems like maddness has taken over and we re so used to it, that it’s just “oh look someone else is killed”. All this for me began with that fucker in Norway a few years back.

This scumbag just got up one day and shot at unarmed innocent people. Did anyone his cell in prison….He has tv /dvd player and internet. ….but yet he did this….

Now a guy in Switzerland sets fire to a train and stabs people in “a crime of passion “…..what fucking passion is there in stabbing a 6 year old girl!!! She’s just a child…….why????Where is this maddness coming from? Now we come to Black Lives Matter. …..A group that Obama himself has supported… think they are having nice peaceful protest. ….This is they re idea of peaceful protest… 

And here’s a guy being so peaceful. …..check out his hand

And here is somebody’s business burnt down …..One of 4 that was set on fire last night in milwaukee 

Then to go out and look for whites to beat down…!!!! Where has reason gone. One Black Lives Matter guy said that the reason for the riot was because the rich people won’t give the black people money!!!! Why the fuck should they…..your using excuses to riot….attacking police and are now no better than isis. The national  guard  have been called in milwaukee. ….first let the lunatics out on the street to create chaos….you will surrender you re freedom for peace….but once your freedom gone there is no getting it back. ISIS now working with drug cartels …..drug cartels work with nation of Islam which is defacto Black Lives Matter. …..its one big circle….when will they see…


But here’s Victoria Beckham. ….fuck it I can’t write anymore

So until tomorrow guys and gals. …..Please try to see the beauty of the world as it is around you now because soon it will be gone.

Love you all guys and gals 

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