” if you want blood…”

Michaella McCollum 
OK so I get back to that looper in the picture later. Seriously what is going on with Hilary Clinton. There is just too many questions about her health for my liking. I have a health condition myself and some days you wake up and go ” ah balls I feel like crap ….fuck off world ” but you can’t do that if you the president of the usa. Bill Clinton was so stupid at the weekend that he rambled on and on until they turned his mic off….I shit you not…he was so out of it they turned him off.

Back to Hillary, I thought first that she was bat shit crazy but it’s really looking as if she has something wrong with her. I wouldn’t  wish ill health on anyone and I hope she is getting help but she has access to nuclear weapons….what happens if she wakes up on morning  and if after a dream bout ireland she says ” I hate the Irish….nuke em”….this woman scares the shit outa me and should not be running for president. Just check out these pictures 

Ferne Macann ( fuck knows who she is or cares) but this crazy bitch basically showed the doctors doing her nose job on TV.  I have no idea who she is or what she does but she seems to be all over the papers  today

Why would you do this. Whats next yer man cait what’s his name getting his balls put back in ( wonder does he know they re gone for good). This crazy chick is just making younger girls feel that it’s OK to make yourself more attractive with surgery…..you beautiful how you are girls…not what this lunatic says. But she does have a great rack.

Now we come to the world’s dumbest drug mule…..Michaella McCollum  She tried to smuggle  $1.7m worth of cocain out of Peru. When she got caught she tried to say she was just an innocent girl who got tricked. Here’s the innocent girl on holidays…

Ah bless…..she’s such a little lamb. She did an interview on TV….and well the whole of Ireland hated her. Now she arrives home to a party at her house and made a big splash at the airport…all for publicity. Expect a book or some kinda shite from this one. But the thing that bothers me is …..where did she hide the cocain!!! If she put it where I think she did…..well let’s just say I cant see guys going home happy in the morning after picking her up in the nightclub.

What pisses me off the most is….where are all the feminist women and pc trendies  now…a woman running for president  who is unfit to walk a dog   …..a woman getting herself cut to feel beautiful  and a female drug mule who is now trying to play the victim and get a career out of drugs. Where are ye trendies…..where are ye feminists….ye shout and roar at the slightest little thing but when it comes down to it yer just full of shit. Drugs have ruined lives….plastic surgery convinces young girls to fix flaws they don’t have…and well hilary that just explains itself. So leftie tools….you have been weighted and measured and found wanting….fuck off and wait to be offended  like ye usually do.

In other news, a dog floats around a house in America…why….fuck knows…it’s haunted. Black Lives Matter have called to burn the suburbs…guys you seriously gotta learn do not shit where you eat….dumb ass 

So until tomorrow guys and gals …fuck you trendies you suck and feminists….hahahaa 

Love you all guys and gals 

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