Johnny Depp chopped off his what?????

Today I am in such a happy mood. I just discovered how big of a tool Johnny Depp is…..I mean this guy gives tool a whole new meaning. It came out that Johnny Depp accused Billy Bob Thornton of shagging the stunning goddess that is Amber Heard….but guess how he did it….he chopped the top of his fingers off and wrote it on a mirror in blood…hahahahaha…what a gimp. First off Johnny boy Amber Heard is so far out of your league it’s a different sport  and second ….you don’t hit women you miserable auld bastard!!!!!

Here’s the walking  corpse himself….

Ah he is sexy man alright girls…

Amber Heard is giving the money from this clown to charity…..but I want you remember something bout sexy Johnny girls as ye drool over him in magazines.  Did you ever hear of the west memphis three??? Well they were 3 guys convicted of killing and raping a young boy in some kinda satan crap and good old Johnny got the leader of the 3 released from prison. Read up about these guys….it ll make you vomit. Just like reading about fucking el corpse head himself ( check out bout river phoenix)…..well done Amber for getting rid of this fucking clown. Here’s a pic of Johnny boy with the child killer…..

On to way more serious news…..this piece of shit ….Austin Harrouff 

He is 19 years old with no criminal past except….well….he killed a couple at random and then started eating the guys face….he fucking ate the guys face!!!!. The cops zapped him twice with taser guns but they said  he had super human strength and was making animal noises while eating the other dude face. Here’s the couple

I m scared to even think as to why or what was going though this kids mind when he started eating the dudes face.  If this is some kinda Satan shit ….well I ain’t touching this story again….cause those guys freak me out …( just so you know apparently at a black mass you gotta stick a big statue of jesus up your ass….I don’t know bout you guys but any kind of mass that has a section of ” right lads heads down arses up” ain’t really for me. My God don’t ask for anything to be put up your arse…. ye weirdos)

In milwaukee….the latest bunch of assholes calling for violence and they support the black Lives matter group, they are…..the fucking communists. I can’t stand fucking communists ….I always picture them sharing toilet paper…” are you finished comrade….leave the other side for me”. They called the riots  a righteous revolution…

Funny all I see is hate. The sister of the guy who was shot, has called for these black Lives matter geniuses (here’s one)

To stop burning down black neighbourhoods and start burning down the white suburbs!!!! Milwaukee is a very divided city due to race riots in the city back in the 1960s ….so the suburbs are mainly white areas and here is this woman calling for violence against innocent people. This comes after a black Lives matter group tried to pull white drivers from they re cars for a beat down, just because they were white…..where is the out cry….where are the feminists…where are the trendies with they re  ” your so privileged ” ideals when they have more money than people they re talking down to.They won’t even pop they re little stupid heads out because there is no tv time in supporting white people. Here is  the peace loving dude who was shot while armed, running from the police and had a long criminal record…..oh did I mention the cop who shot him was black ( but that’s nicely over looked by these pc groups) here is the poor peaceful guy just chilling in he ride…

Ah …..ya….a guy you would love to go for a pint with. When will people learn HATE ONLY BEGETS HATE….VIOLENCE ONLY BEGETS VIOLENCE….ALL LIVES MATTER….I can’t put it any clearer…

So until tomorrow guys and gals….stay away from el corpse head himself Johnny Depp or he might cut his Willy off or something  and write a letter to you about 101 uses for an iPhone .

I’m going to leave you with pictures of the goddess that is Amber Heard….she is a truly beautiful woman and so much better off without el corpse head….

Love you all guys and gals….


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