Mariah Carey is a goddess 


Before I get to the beautiful and super sexy goddess that is Mariah Carey….I have to deal with these two idiots. Victoria Beckham and Kristen Stewart  ( remember she was the one in the twilight movie book things and was fucking this guy from the movie that glowed in the sunlight….ah I have no idea either)

So we ll start with Kristen Stewart. She is now gay and is dating a dude I mean girl and for some reason she feels she must tell the world. Here is her girlfriend….a drug dealers nightmare  because she could snort  the coke right outa his pocket. 

Here’s the dope Kristen……

Now to Victoria Beckham… she is sitting on a golden duck ….why ….fuck knows but for some reason a couple of million people  want to know bout it…I’m lost as to why….it’s a duck.

And too our goddess  Mariah Carey.  Omg this woman is so beautiful…she seems to get hotter every year and makes stick thin young models  jealous. In my view she is what a woman is to me…sexy, came from poor background, worked hard and is now on top of the world. I’m in love. Well yesterday she met with the  head  of the UN. I ve no idea why but she had him eating out of her hand…..way to go Mariah Carey…use what you got to get what you want. Just look at this poor guy next to Mariah…he is melting .

In oklahoma, these bunch of devil worshippers turned up to mock a staute  of mary mother of jesus  or something….but what worries me is that yesterday a 19 year old was arrested after killing a couple and trying to eat the guys face the police said he made noises like an animal and had super human strength because they zapped him twice with taser guns to no effect. It seems this Satan stuff is on the rise and it scares me. Fools will be lead in to this “religion ” for sex ….because that’s what it’s all about sex and an excuse to pretend they re like that tool Anton whatevet who wrote the satanic bible in the 60s. These satanic guys ….the kid eating a guy and these temple of Baal guys ( more nutters with loads of money I don’t know too much about them but they are planning opening temples allover the world)it seems like we re in a rush to get to hell. Occultism is massively on the rise….but most people don’t understand what it’s about.

In Turkey they have dropped the age of consent to 12! Fucking 12…..that’s just a child. Also in Turkey they are releasing 38000 criminals from prison in order to make room for the guys in the coup.This is how they treat them.

And that’s just by the ordinary people. Why is it I can see these 38000 criminals being made into refugees  and dumped into Europe. 

When I started this blog, so many feminists, trendies and PC lefties got on my case about every issue there was, but yet they fought for nothing. What I ve learned is,  im the biggest feminist I know, everytime  I see the violence against women i call the fuckers out. I’m a white male and will not be beaten for the colour of my skin because of trendies saying it uncool to be white and as for you PC fucks who tell me hug a terrorist ….these pictures are for you.

A saudi woman filmed her husband trying to rape the family maid as the maid tries to fight him off….what happened, the wife got a year in prison for filming her husband. Where are ye feminists….where are ye trendies….where’s the PC groups…lefties come out come out where ever you are…..but none of you do. I do and I say fucking no more….

Porta Gregor does not run and this is what I’m against …..

Love you all guys and gals 

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