Mariah carey, Beyonce and lawnmower sex!!!!

Well Im back. Sorry yesterday I was under the weather ( well I was fucked) so we ll just rip into it.

Remember Mariah Carey went to the U.N. and had the dude eating out of her hand….well there is a down side to that. I must I ve dated some bat shit crazy women in my time  but nothing like this ever happen.

This is Mariah Carey’s boyfriend  ( ok manfriend) he  decided to get sexy with Mariah one night and played Beyonces “crazy in love” and made his was way to the bed for a bit of ” love you long time $10″ but before he could get his groove on ….Mariah freaked out and picked up the computer the track was playing on ( Inc speakers) and threw it out the window.Then went to another room and got pissed. She don’t like other artists music being played in her house.Poor guy. Still if someone played Beyonce in my house I d probably do same thing. Rock on Mariah… still the woman in my eyes

In France Sarkozy is making another play for president…..more power to him. To be honest he ll be good for the country cause the dude is a bad ass and will kick ass too. Except he is minus Carla. Fuck it anyway . Here he is with Carla

Here’s the new one….you pick

I’m with Carla…..sorry Sarkozy  ( does he have a first name…..we ll just call him jimmy) Jimmy will be hard pressed to get in without Carla because she was the great woman behind the man….but let’s see how this new one does.

Now these bunch of bastards. In Aakon, Cleveland 7 white guys were walking down the street and coming towards them were the 6 above and another guy not pictured  coming against them ( 5 black 2 white) just as they passed each other, the 5 black guys and 2 white guys attacked the 7 white guys shouting “black Lives matter ” one guy was kicked in the head till he passed out. I know the numbers were even….but if you ve ever been in a fight you ll know if you attacked when you not expecting it…your fucked. Take a long hard look at the guys in that picture.  They are the face of “black Lives matter” ….oh did I mention after they beat the guys up they robbed them….what is it  guys ain’t the fucking nation of Islam not paying so well…oh u didn’t know that black Lives matter is financed by them who in turn get money from drug cartels who get that money from ……the Clinton foundation  ( if you don’t believe me check it out). Most of the attackers were 18 years old!!!!….Born  to lose guys that’s all I think of you. This is Cleveland…..just so you know violence is coming to cities like this as we picture it on grubby streets in grubby towns.

Ah …..this is pretty fucking twisted even by my standards…..Robot hookers!!!! It’s ment to be the next thing in the sex trade. Now I do see the good points but is it not a bit like going out to the garden shed and fucking the lawn mower. Why is it I think i ve just given the perverts a new idea

So until tomorrow guys and gals….watch out for the blades….

Love you all guys and gals….

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