James Corden can kiss my ….!!

Look I’m putting this to bed now…I don’t like that idiot James Corden…I don’t find him funny and I was the same as Britney when I saw him in movies…forgot his name and avoided the movie. So what if Britney mimed…it’s her song and that fat fuck is there anyway. As I ve said before BRITNEY SPEARS IS HOT….so who cares about anything else.

More from Britney later. Over the last week the Jenner family and kardashian family have come into the headlines so I decided to do a list of who was what in the families….except I got lost.

All I know is that after 4 hour research…I know that Bruce got his lad chopped off and is going bald and I have no idea who the rest of them are

It’s the most mixed up group I ve ever come across. But what  the fascination with them is…I can’t work it out. OK they re rich..but they don’t do anything ( other than Kimmy making sex tapes). It’s like these fuckers have taken over the world. This is why so many horrible things can slip by in the world because people like this steal the headlines….is that a reflection on the writers ( me) or the readers….i  don’t know . But it’s Sunday so let’s not have a rant…Britney please.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….my head is confused from the Jenner/kardashian family …I can’t even think.

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s Britney…

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