My day.

So yesterday was a bad day for me. I was sick most of the day and honestly now  i feel terrible but onwards and upwards right. I do feel a guilt  for getting nothing done yesterday but such is life. I suppose I’m posting this to give support to people who fight through pain everyday and get on with things. What happened yesterday to me ain’t happened in a long time but it gives you a wake up call that my body works different to my brain.

I ll be back to our normal blog later today, but this is just a small message for anyone going through hell…keep going!!! Never surrender, give no quarter and expect none in return. I know that you do each day this is just a reminder.

If you are like Mr I’m a fucking tool and pretending to be sick for money and claim mental illness…let me say this…claiming to be mentally ill is not a cover for just being stupid. Mental health problems are not something to lie about….they re awful. We all go through them from time to time but looking up the symptoms on the Internet and then claiming that’s what wrong with you…well that’s just an asshole. I know 3 people with what Mr I’m a fucking tool is claiming and trust me I would not wish it on Mr im a fucking tool. ( if you wanna know bout my health….ask….it’s not what defines me so I don’t post details ..but it’s fatal and sucks)

I blame all these zed list celebrities who come out with ” I had wicked depression….but of course I’m so cool …no one noticed”…Ah let me  say this…people did notice but it wasn’t depression people noticed… it was the fact that you are a complete asshole.

Today is going to suck for me….i ll hurt in  places I didn’t even know I had places and that’s just being positive…but so what, live goes on. So I ll get writing again later

Love you all guys and gals 

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