ok so yesterday I was was pretty out of it so I could nt write, so a buddy sent me a link to a website, which I opened , that he found funny. The link was to a porn site ( which I won’t name) but needless to say that since seeing the site I ve now blocked this guy from every bit of contact with me. The fore mentioned site was for extreme porn and how anyone could find this shit funny is beyond me. I ve written in the past about how voilence against women in Islam areas has to stop….but first we must deal with western issues of voilence against women.

Once viewing this site it almost made me sick. Here are girls trying to get into the porn industry ( for whatever reason) and they are basically raped on camera because they signed a contract. I ve read over these contracts and what it basically says is…” we can do what ever the hell we want with you ” after the girl ( or guy) signs it. It’s just rape …but legal because of contract!!! Most of these girls don’t know what they getting into when they sign it and the guys who make this shit are just pure fucking sickos and honestly should be in prison. 

But who is to blame…the guys who make it…the girl for doing it …or the fact that there is market for it. Once there is market for something there is always a sick fuck to make it. But the violence against women isn’t limited to the porn industry. Remember  Rihanna   when she was beaten up.

Everyone looked at the images and said ” That’s awful” but it hasn’t changed a thing. In other words the fact that it happens in the celebrity world seems to justify it….there is not justifying it…you are not a man in my eyes if you do this shit!!! Check out this woman

This girl was almost beaten to death by her boyfriend….why…there is no why…a man should never raise a hand to a woman no matter what the reason. Then the sentences for doing stuff like this is stuff is bollox compared with the crime. The above girl since the attack has gone on to be a beauty queen…but that’s just the outside the scars inside this woman will never heal. But I respect and admire this girl for coming back from the attack but alot of women are not so lucky.

This is in Muslim attacks that no man was charged for….I can’t accept this…I just can’t. In a past relationship I was in, I was dating a stunningly beautiful Russian girl, but one night after we went to bed she asked me ” why you not beat me….where I come from when man beat woman it’s a sign he loves her….do you not love me???” I was in shock. I explained to her I could never beat a woman and that it isn’t  not a sign of love. But how many women do accept this as a form of love…but this is not a form of love. How is getting beaten up a form of love. I ve had the shit kicked out of me in an attack…does that mean the guys who jumped me and beat the crap out of me love me….I don’t think so…it was an attack based on hate.

The mentality has to change in both the Muslim world and the rest of the world that this shit is not ok. Women…if a guy raises a hand to you…run, leave, get away he does not love you. Guys…if you think you need to hit a woman your just a fucking coward. I ve known guys who do it and the minute another guy steps up to them to call them out, they turn into mice…but yet can go home to beat a woman…who is probably smaller and weaker than them…I hope guys like this are dealt with ( if you know what I mean). The porn industry must clean up…domestic violence must carry heavier sentences  and this Islamic shit of punishment for women must stop. It’s not something that can be just accepted or over looked as we turn to the celebrity pages to see who is wearing what. And guys if this kinda fucked up porn gets you off …well you need to have a talk with yourself.  I may joke about the porn industry and joke about random one night stands, but this is no joke. A beautiful woman is a thing to admire and respect….not raped..beat and burned…I can’t make it any clearer.

So until tomorrow  guys and gals… I’m going to leave you with images that I hope stick in your heads forever ….please STOP THE VOILENCE AGAINST WOMEN!!

Love you all guys and gals…

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