Victoria Beckham and Chris Brown equal the crap that Hilary Clinton spat up…oh and real women are sexy women!

We ll get to Hillary later but first we got to deal with Chris Brown. What a scumbag. Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the twin tower attacks and no matter what you feel about them weather it be building 7 or inside job or saudi backed C.I.A  coup…..over 3000 people lost they re lives and I don’t care what you want to protest about, you pay respect to those who died. But then comes Chris Brown….woman beater Chris Brown refusing to stand for the national anthem yesterday at a basketball game. He sits down and laughs and tells jokes with some other fools who refused to stand during the rendition of the American anthem by “tank” ( fuck knows who he is). If Chris Brown is trying to show support for the”black Lives matter ” group or highlight something…..all he has shown is that he is a scumbag and if this is “Black Lives matter ” way of getting notice I ll be honest,  you as a group, are a bunch of idiots. Anyone who has it in them to mock the dead on a day like yesterday does not deserve be allowed live in America……kick him out and see how smart he is with out his mansions and money….fucking scumbag. To all the families who lost someone on 9/11 I am saddened that you had to witness this stupid act of protest by an idiot and from Porta Gregor I offer you my deepest simpity for your loss.

Now to Hilary, come on guys and gals I ve been saying it here and news reports have said it….that Hilary Clinton is a very sick woman. Pneumonia is very serious it can kill a woman of her age and people want to put that into office….madness.  Last week, Hilary during her usual 10 minute speech spent 5 of those minutes coughing then there was those two black /green looking fucking alien things that she spat into the glass ( that was discusting by the way….I found it easier to clean up cat puke than watch her spit those out) now she collapses with Pneumonia. Some stupid doctor came out and tried to say she was over heated…..are you fucking kidding me. I ve been in hospital alot ….I seen people with Pneumonia and had it myself… can’t think straight  with the fever, myself I saw kate Moss breastfeeding feeding a midget at the end of my hospital bed ( it was the nurse…and there was no midget) and I found that older people seem to go back to they re youth when they have pneumonia…..this woman can not be elected…..she just simply is not fit to take office.

Then we have good old Victoria Beckham, she launched her 2017 fashion collection yesterday …..I think it’s called ” clothes for starving models” ( not real name) but dear God these models look like they crawled out of the arse end of a crack house during a police raid. Actually now that I think about it, so does Victoria Beckham. The models were so thin and sad looking ….it was more like a funeral than a fashion show. But of course it was hailed as the greatest design she ever did. I thought the” day of the dead” look was gone from fashion and modeling but I guess not….it’s a sad thing to see half starved girls modelling clothes for a rich bitch than no normal girl can wear. Check out the end of blog for what real women look like because these poor models …..I can’t find words….

Now to me. Yes depression has set in on me….health….life …everything  but what pushed me over the edge ( i ll be fine in few days) was a few comments made to me by people I thought knew me. From the world it’s been nothing but positive  ( except for the trendies who took offence at yesterday’s blog….but they re insults cheer me up) but people in the real world have been harsh and it’s not to do with this blog it’s to do with me personally. Well I say this to anyone who has a problem or does not like me….im going to work 100 times harder so that in a years time you ll hate me from the moment  you get up in the morning till you go to bed at night and then I ll be there in your dreams fuckos…..yes you may get to me for a few days but I ll bounce back…..your hatered of me will never leave you and your life will be consumed by bitterness…..check mate….I win. When will you learn Porta Gregor does not run. And to anyone out there experiencing the same problem….it’s just jealous piss heads trying to pull you down…..fuck em, they are paper tigers and with will and determination you can beat them all…..because I do each day.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…don’t be as low as Chris Brown, show some respect….also hillbilly fucks watch out im coming….

Love you all guys and gals 

Real women

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