Sorry guys, we ‘re no longer needed….replaced by app.

So men are no longer needed ….dam it. But we ll come back to it ( come …get it…no) first the Lord of the tools Kanye West…the only man ever to be called a “jackass” by a American president after he invaded the stage and said something about a shit type Beyonce video while trying to take an award off Taylor Swift for another shit video. Well yesterday Kanye was playing what he calls a gig on a flying stage ( fuck knows) and some fan ( does he really have fans) jumped up and tried to climb on to to the stage. He kinda held on for a bit while Kanye shouted get off….then the poor bastard fell off. In my dreams I’m hoping that the was going up on the stage to beat the shit outa of Kanye west….we wish you every success in the future dude keep trying.

An American recon plane was flown to the edge of Iran air space and well they said if you do it again we re going shoot the fucker down. This is pretty worrying because the middle east at the moment seems to be a powder keg. I ll look at this better tomorrow and also hilary.  But tomorrow will mainly be about Facebook and Google…..I thought it was just me because I had a terrible day posting, but it’s censorship world wide. So I need to find out more.

So to us guys we re no longer being needed. A woman in America is sueing the makers of her “smart dildo” because it knows too much about her. A smart dildo!!!!  I don’t give a shit about the case I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a smart dildo. They ve been around ages and work off apps on a smart phone. When I read it first I thought there was people going around with smart phones up they re ass…..but no it seems you buy some kinda Bluetooth thing and stick that up ur ass….it’s a brave new world guys but us men with big willy’s are no longer needed  ( longer …get it…no..fuck sake I’m trying) women and weirdos now all over the world have these things sold out everywhere ( no I didn’t try to buy one) even celebrities have endorsed sex toys. See pics at the end….even I was kinda surprised who had stuff endorsed.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….on serious note be careful what you post because censorship is in place…

Love you all guys and gals 

Here are toys and celebrities

Butt plug

Some form of dildo

Some form of nipped clamp????


A massive dildo that you could beat an attacker with..

Some form of lipstick dildo 

A dildo, lipstick dildo, lube, spanking thing….ah fucking list goes on and on…

Some kinda bed restraints….not needed luv…

Strap on!!!!


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