Hillary Clinton and Warren Buffet can’t out do Michael Jackson for bad press…..even from beyond the grave. 

I was delighted when I read the headline  that Warren Buffet had lost over $1.3billion yesterday on the stock market but it turns  out he is worth of $60billion so it don’t really matter. Warren is the head of Goldman Sacks who helped in bankrupting Greece and are in the middle of an investigation of 200 fake bank accounts set up by employees for hiding money. It even sickened me more to find out that most of the world’s billionaires all lost over one billion dollars each, without batting an eye. What the fuck do you do with $80billion ….I mean what can you look forward to when everything is within reach….to me that’s a form of hell. Nothing to work for nothing to look forward to. So I say I’m glad I’m not one of these wankers who can afford to lose that amount of money. Let me be poor and happy than filty rich and untrue to myself.

I know I said yesterday that I would deal with Hilary Clinton’s health but unless you ve been living under a rock you know that by now well …Hillary has fucked up health wise and mentally . I ve been saying it here for weeks and I don’t wish ill health on anyone as I am unwell myself but Hilary should not be running for president.  This leads me to the double conspiracy. I dont know what to make of it. What happened in that hotel. Hilary is almost dead going in with a crowd of people around her looking concerned, then an hour later she is out bouncing around the place as if nothing happened…..but it didn’t look 100% like Hilary Clinton….it was just off. Loads of powerful people have doubles but what scares me is who will be calling the shots if Hillary gets elected? If a sick woman is elected or a dumb ass double….who is behind the scenes. I think it’s time for the world to stop with excuses for Hilary Clinton……but you decide.

Even from beyond the grave wacko jacko is still making headlines. Wade Ronson  (who claimed before  that Michael Jackson abused him) has claimed that Neverland was just a sophisticated child abuse ring. He said that parents were given gifts and a place to stay while Micheal Jackson and others abused the kids of these families. Wade is currently sueing mjj productions over abuse. But honestly it has me wondering why wait till now to bring another case? Aren’t the parents of these poor kids just as much to blame as Michael Jackson if the abuse did happen because they took the gifts. Who in they re right mind would have let they’re child near Michael Jackson for any reason. Yes he was a pop genuis but was also a fucking weirdo.If  he didn’t abuse your child he would definitely fuck the child’s mind up. It’s like meeting bono and he makes you play bingo “to sus you out” I shit you not. Either way no matter how you remember Michael Jackson weather if be a child abusing weirdo or great entertainer…..you still remember him. Again I don’t know what to make of Wade.

To finish up Miley Cyrus  has said she will no longer do red carpet events while there is starving in the world. If she stretches it to never gigging again I encourage everyone weather you are starving or not to write to her and tell her that you are wicked hungary and could she never play gig again that is the only thing that can help. Maybe we can get rid of her guys and gals. On another note….do you think she is sexy….I don’t if think she looks like a weird boy type thing and scares me, but check out photos at end and decide for yourself

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..remember it’s only a billion or two…

Love you all guys and gals….

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