Is Machine real? I ve asked myself this over and over again ever since I first saw “8mm”( if you ain’t seen the movie…please do). When machine had the mask and suit on he was a monster who raped and killed but once unmasked and asked why he did it ” I do it because I like it” that scared me the most and it still does. Here is Machine without the mask.

He could be anyone….anywhere. This is what brings me to the violence in porn. A few weeks back a “so called” buddy ( now blocked from me) sent me a link to the most violent porn I’d ever seen. It was sick. The girls you could tell were just there for the money and once they signed the contract….it was basically raped. A really strong looking guy comes out and slaps the girl around the place spits on her and rapes her. One girl cried all the way though and this weirdo with the camera starts saying ” why you crying is it because your a worthless piece of shit” all while the strong guy was hitting her and having sex with her. I had to turn it off. But this is the most popular type of porn on the Internet!!!

After seeing this I could see why lives are ruined by this type of voilence. But if there is a pervert to make it….there must be a pervert willing to pay to watch it. Girls think they are turning up for a soft core porn film and suddenly they are getting the crap beaten out of them. This leads me to ask why is this so popular and how far do these movies go….in other words is snuff real?

A snuff movie, is a movie where a male or female is raped and killed ….. on film!!! It’s always been an urban myth but as I ve gotten older and see how much some people crave fame…I’m starting to think snuff could be real. These guys are sick enough to make it and I ve asked the question so many times ” what do you do when you have billions of euros/dollars ” the answer i most often get is ” you do what others cant”…..isn’t paying to have a stranger killed along those lines. I think there is a death side to porn. Thousands of people go missing each year and if you think ordinary people aren’t beyond this I suggest you listen to “a nuns story” on YouTube  ( warning: very graphic ) and also look at machine without his mask….then ask yourself do we really know anyone. 

Also bondage and crap like that is becoming more main stream as celebrities now admit they like it ( weather they do or not I don’t know but it’s like they need to be in a group) and they wear bondage outfits to red carpet events…..this is just telling the young and stupid of this world ” hey this is ok”. Bondage is OK if both people know the line not to cross but what happens when that line is crossed and it gets out of control. A few years back a guy in America was convicted of assault and rape….he met a girl in a bar, they got talking and he said he was into extreme bondage and had room set up for it in his house. The girl said she would like to try it….thinking she ll get spanked and can always say stop. Guess again….the guy tied her up and raised her off the ground by her arms….ripped her clothes off…gagged her and then broke most of her ribs with a baseball bat…and raped her!!! Someone called the police and I believe he would have killed her had the police not got there. He was an accountant and his neighbours said he was a quite nice guy and never thought he could do something like that. See what I mean.

Is Machine real???….in my heart i know somewhere out there is Machine being paid to rape and kill someone for his/her own enjoyment or for others to watch. I think snuff is real….no longer a myth…no longer in the shadows…but real!!!

So until tomorrow guys and gals….watch out for machine 

Love you all guys and gals 

Here is some celebrities in bondage 

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