Bono, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Hilary Clinton….each one more useless than the next…

I really can’t understand these people. We ll start with Bono. He went on some show yesterday saying “Trump is dangerous for America ” and Bono also said ” I have no vote ….I’m irish but I ve a voice”….well let me tell you something bout good old Bono….he pays his taxes in Holland and has cost over 1000 jobs in America by pulling out of investments to make more money. Plus there is his charities, he gave only 1.1% of money donated to the charity and kept the rest. When this was discovered he upped it to….1.3%. Bono is low…..lower than snake shit….but yet feels he must give his advise to us meer mortals.  We don’t want him here in Ireland so please Holland keep Bono and please stop playing the Irish card till you pay some tax here….mister. of all the people mentioned above the amount of money they spend in a week is enough to keep me in business for 2 years….so fuck off Bono and find someone to give sunglasses to.

Now I have to give hilary credit….no one else would have the neck to do this. So there was a dinner/fund raiser thing for Hilary Clinton last night….to sit at the top table and meet her it was $100k per head… sit in the middle €50k per head….and prices went all the way down to $3k where I guess you stand and waiters throw soup at you….but anyway it was all sold out. So here are all these rich assholes throwing money around to see a hilary  ( because fuck knows how many Hilary Clinton’s  there is) and guess what…she doesn’t show up!!! No reason no press release….just didn’t show up…but she did keep the money. So again here one ticket could me in business for ages. How much is enough.

Now to something serious….an aid convoy was bombed from the air while on its way to Allepo. Russia blames the Syrians….Syrians blame Russia….and everyone is pointing fingers.  Yesterday I spoke with 3 people who had all the ideas how to fix Syria and call everyone  not agreeing with them racist and of course they know who blame for Allepo….but truth is if you want to know is to blame for Syria, just walk to the bathroom and look in the mirror….that’s right it’s you and me. Ask yourself what have you done to help Syria….I can say is ve done nothing and honestly I won’t because taking  in unvetted refugees and sending

mass amounts of aid is only making the problem worse. A peace on the ground must be sorted before aid and the refugee routh has to vetted because the crazy killers are slipping out of Syria to attack all over the world….and thus we ourselves point fingers when it’s us who is to blame…..but then enter Angelina Jolie and Bradford Pitt.

So unless you ve been living under a rock….these two losers are getting divorced. Who cares!!! They have more money than most small countries and it’s not like they re going to be broke. Angelina Jolie is some form of thing at the UN and walks around with 100 bodyguards and has a photo taken with some poor guy and the Queen gives her a medal. But she should  look to herself before trying to save the world. The amount of money this couple spend per day, month, year could start or stop a war….but we only care about the big split. To put it simply….Brad Pitt is a tool and over the years so is she. So I don’t care about this divorce…..but there was a time when she was hot.

So until tomorrow guys and gals……Angelina Jolie I’m single and need money….call me

Love you all guys and gals 

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