All hail Tara Reid!!! part 2

So why should we hail Tara Reid. She makes crap movies…her career is gone ….she is a recovering heroin additic and seems to always fall out of her dress. But that’s the point….she is still there and she is still a truly beautiful woman and in the world celebrities trying to look good in every picture  ( photoshop) ….Tara Reid still comes across as a natural beauty. I can’t say it enough that underneath the hype and life styles of celebrity living there is real people and I think Tara Reid is one of them.

There are some so called celebrities that they re only motive in life is to be in the paper or the saying ” the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”….look at the Jackson family…wacko jacko dies and suddenly they all come out of the wood work. Remember when Janet’s nipple was whipped out by what’s his name….it was a clear ploy to get attention. It’s sad. When you see Tara Reid having fallen out of her dress and stood there for bout 5 min not noticeing while fucking paparazzi scum photographed her ditties….the way she begged them to not show them showed me a woman who didn’t want that type of attention and would rather be known for her skills. That’s what I respect. Yes she gets shit roles now ( in some shark movie the fans decided how to kill her in the movie) but every movie she does now, she is the best in it and all it takes is one role to make her ( hopefully I’m the one to offer her that role….yes I write screen plays). 

The effect of drugs on Tara Reid 

Sadly of late she has gotten very thin and I hope that she hasn’t any problems….but again  here I say ” all hail Tara Reid ” she is flawed woman living in a plastic world were the slightest move left or right can make or break a career. There is so many actresses like this in Hollywood…doing b movies or tiny parts in big movies…Courtney Palm is one of my favourite…and when i speak to her she has none of the I’m a star bollox. Tara Reid is the same…..give her the respect she deserves because look at people like j-lo….she sings like a cabbage, can’t act and is annoying..but makes millions every year. Gimme a Tara Reid low budget movie any day rather than j-lo big budget crap.

The main reason to “all hail Tara Reid ” is to hail all the Tara Reid’s of this world…all beautiful woman in her thirties….all flawed real woman…not like these perverts going around trying to grap kids or rich people flying on the lotita express ( 28 times wild Willy has been to the Jeffrey Epstein  island and the names on that planes list would sicken you…..some of my favourite actors I can no longer watch) where the cabin crew are girls and boys 14-16 and on the island it is the same. So hail the woman who is a woman and not a child. Love the flawed woman…never become a judge of this celebrity crap because you re told too….hail the failures…hail the mistakes…but most of all ” all hail Tara Reid ” because she is what a true Hollywood woman is.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….check out tonight to see if God is laying the tunes on Hilary in the ear piece….
Love you all guys and gals….

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