Mary j Blige singing to Hilary Clinton makes about as much sense as calling Trump a sexist…but truth is.. Bill is a predator .

I go away for one day and it seems that the world gets weirder and weirder. Take this nonsense….Mary J. Blige doing a singing interview with Hilary Clinton! It’s the most screwed up piece of election crap I ve ever seen. Not only does Mary J. Blige sound, look and act like  a tool ( oh wait she’s is a tool) she sticks pair of glasses on and we re suppose to think she is intelligent…I wear glasses and I’m thick stupid…

This is Juinta  Broadrick  and she accused Bill Clinton of rape 35 years ago and she got stuck into Chelsea Clinton last night calling him a sexual predator. Hilary has lied and covered up for wild Bill over the years  and now Chelsea says that her daddy raping anything moves…its a distraction from the election…tell that to these women Chelsea!!!

HILARY CLINTON LIES!!!she does it straight to the faces of the world and yet there is still people out there willing to put this crazy heifer in the white house.  Last week I had two muppets repeat over and over and over again to me..” it must be a Democrat in the white house” when I asked why….they repeated the same crap and because they were older than me tried to say my opinion didn’t count. Let me put it this way….you ll be fucking dead and I ll have to deal with the fallout of that crazy bitch as president….age does not earn my respect….if you ve been an asshole all your life and then you look for my respect because of your age all you are to me is an old asshole….deal with it

Should you respect this piece of shit because he is now old…


So why does Hilary keep covering for Bill….her excuse, for Chelsea’s sake. Are you kidding me….Chelsea Clinton is in her 30s and even she is defending daddy rapist…..hey bill what would you do if it was Chelsea attacked and raped by a power abusing scumbag like you…it puts a different spin on things don’t it.

The only thing I hate worse than rapists is cheaters….I don’t cheat…I never have but I ve been cheated on and it sucks. So enter this auld cheating  bitch… Alicia Machado …she goes on some reality show in Spain in 2005 while she is engaged and fucks the host of the show live on air. Now she is trying to call trump a sexiest because he said that she would be more beautiful if she lost some weight….that’s called honesty you has been, wanna be, celebrity clown. She said he called her a pig ( he didnt) but she is a fuck pig….please crawl back to the obscurity where you belong. Here she is telling the host guy live on TV about his cock….more power to you host dude…you just fucked she’s the cheating tramp…so I say rock on host dude.

If your still a Hilary Clinton supporter after all the lies, after she laughed about benghazi, defends BILL, and everything above…..well are a moron….there just is no other way to put it

So until tomorrow guys and gals….Here’s a super sexy horror princess that bill would love….but ain’t got the guts

Love you all guys and gals 

Sherri moon zombie

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