I’d bite kim kardashian on the ass…but I’d stay all night long with Sharon Stone ….

Why would you become a celebrity prankster???? There is this guy from the Ukraine who  goes around trying to play pranks on celebrities but really he just ends up getting his  ass kicked by body guards. His latest one is that he tried to bite kim kardashian on the ass because he was protesting against ass implants!!! Don’t ask…cause I don’t get it either. So Kimmy is sueing him and her bodyguard beat the crap outa him. Now I’d bite  kim kardashian on the ass….I wouldn’t be proud of it….but I’d do it….kinda bucket list thing.

In serious news pakistan is threatening to nuke the shit outa of India because of an air attack in kashmir. Both sides claim kashmir as they re own and both sides have nukes. Thing is kashmir is a really beautiful place. So the next nuclear war could be fought over  a mountain range that is known as paradise on earth and the people of kashmir don’t want either side to govern them..and with the tourist potential and beauty of this area why not leave it to become independent and up tourists to India and Pakistan..this is what’s known as stupid leadership…if I can work that out they must be thick stupid… go figure. Ah I give up….the fighting for kashmir has been going on since 1965….leave these people be.

Creepy clowns are going to be treated with zero tolerance by a sheriff in the south and I don’t blame him. This started out as perverts trying to abduct kids….but for some reason students think it’s funny to copy these clowns. This means you can’t tell the perverts from the assholes. Id rather a few dumbass students be arrested than one child be harmed. Why would you wanna dress up as a creepy clown anyway….check out rob zombies new movie “31” and you ll see how creepy clowns can be.

That’s bout it….there is z list celebrities doing stuff but I don’t know who they are. And a train crash in new Jersey has injured loads of people but I don’t have details.
So until tomorrow guys and gals….be careful who’s ass you bite…

Love you all guys and gals…

I’m in the humour for an older woman so here’s Sharon stone.

Omg ….she stunning…

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