187: Keep on rocking the free world…part 1…what are we…

People ask me all the time what 187 means but I usually don’t go into it….if you know what it means and why the snake is eating it’s tail…congratulations you ve become aware….if for not it ll come to you at some stage. The 187 logo was done by “magic logos ” and a big thank you to them …Samantha really nailed it.

So I’m going to tell you about 187….its a place for where the truth is put plain in front of you and like it or not you decide but everything written is true and backed up. Why do we laugh at celebrities….what else is there to do with them..in a world were everyone wants 15min of fame and to be paid for it…we put the harsh facts of the real world right in your face and let you see beyond the rose coloured glasses.

Every day in the blog we feature a beautiful woman….this isn’t a tabloid trick it’s to show that women are beautiful and not to be beaten and not to be hung and not to flogged….if your a guy or girl who thinks it’s OK to beat and rape women…well you will eventually come across 187’s path and the line is drawn so we know where we are and how far we ll go….do you??

Another reason for showing a beautiful woman daily is to show women….not kids. In a world where there is more perverts than ever before and they  trying to abduct kids….we want to show you that real women are beautiful and if your a kiddy guy….there is something majorly fucking wrong with you…

187 since we have started has gotten rid of over 500 cyber bullies. We look at the evidence and then we take names and kick ass…..there is nothing worse than hiding behind a fake Facebook account and bullying people….

It makes no difference to us weather you’re gay,straight, black, white, Muslim or Christian or anything else….187 is about freedom….freedom to not fit in freedom to say what you want…freedom and right to your opinions…there is nothing worse than a fucking trendie looking down they’re nose at you when they tell you how they will save the world without leaving the house….go some where themselves and do something God no….187 will….you call it we ll go there…weather it be Allope…kashmir…Charlotte….you name it and we will put our lives on the line. I ve been in hospital most of my life and almost died so many times I fear nothing  ( except red-headed women….but that’s a different story)….so threats don’t work on me and who am I ….I’m Porta Gregor and tomorrow you ll find out about me

So until tomorrow guys and gals….187 is here….to stay….

Love you all guys and gals…

( 187 will be formatted like an online magazine soon…www.187pro.com…our blog…podcast…youtube show and shop will be there along with much much more….so watch this space)

187 forever….Porta Gregor forever

” there’s colours on the street….”

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