Kim kardashian robbed,world outraged….but none seems to care about American /Russian contact being cut

I can only laugh….Kim Kardashian gets robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewellery and honestly I can only laugh. Why? Because if you can afford millions of dollars worth of jewellery, you can afford to replace it….so, sorry for your ordeal kimmy but fuck you, you go around flashing money and jewellery and yourself in everyone’s face and you think we admire you and that clown you call a husband. …no we don’t admire you…We want to see you fuck up, it’s human nature ….humans are cruel and we like to see fools like you kimmy fail…so I say way to go the robber dudes, you beat the bodyguards. …stole for someone who can afford it…I hope ye get away with. It’s awful to point a gun at someone, but ask Kanye West how many times  he claimed “he popped a cap it someone’s ass” besides kimmy in the last sex tape.

The body guard, Pascal Duvier, says they messed with the wrong person and he has leads and will track em down….good man…maybe if you were doing you re job in the first place maybe it would nt have happened. ..but wait, the robbery happens when Pascal goes for wank or something…kimmy and the sister are in well known apartment. ..They claim it’s an inside job… question is, are these millions of dollars of jewellery insured. …who would benefit from headlines and insurance money….I wonder…

In serious news, the U.S.state department has suspended contact with Russia because of Syria! !!!Are  Obama and kerry the biggest tools on earth or the cleverest. I ve basically adcepted that the crazy heifer will get into the white house ( not legally of course…Trump will win the legal election…but none the less that auld bitch will be president. the joy of trendies and smelly lefties everywhere) the reason I ask are they the cleverest is simple…if by some miracle they allow Trump to be president, they are handing him a mess with Russia straight away but if the heifer gets in …everything will be reversed and sorted with Russia because Hilary has already sold misile research to them and will do far whose once she gets in.

What has me so angry today is that a few days ago an Irish navy boat returned from fishing refugees out of the Mediterranean and crowds cheered and some asshole got off the boat and got down on one knee to ask his auld girlfriend to marry him. Great…and the sailors went on about they re dangerous mission….you dirty bunch of useless bastards, while ye were getting sun tans in the fucking Mediterranean, super meth has been coming in through our West coast from Mexico. Does the irish navy even remember the west coast….no fan fare for doing that job is there. So when you’re teenage son or daughter takes one hit of super meth and is dead in 2 years the blame falls at the feet of the irish navy and the Lisbon treaty. …another great idea by our government. …oh and thanks for the military age “refugees “too. This is the effect of super meth 

So until tomorrow guys and gals. …lock up yer millions worth of jewellery or Pascal will be at yer door…

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s Halle Berry. ..

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