INSIDE JOB…..I thought it was the name of kim Kardashian’s new sex tape…

Ah we’ll come back to Kimmy..  ..I want to talk about Johnny Depp. Please look up the ‘west mephis three ‘ and the stuff that has happened at his bar ” the viper room” it ll shock you …not in a good way. But today I want to talk about him selling property it L.A. and France. 

Kim kardashian is claiming it’s an inside job, the robbery.And king of all assholes..Kanye west has spent  $6million on upgrading security “to protect kim” this is coming from a wanker who claimed to be broke about a year ago and asked fans to send him money…and people did. And then he came out a few months later laughing at people who gave him money and it was all a joke. But why give this loser money…I don’t get it.
Kimmy says she breaks down in tears every few minutes from shock. Let me tell you something,you attention grabbing auld bitch, I was set on fire and I smelt my own skin burn and had to listen to the guy who did it laugh while I burned and I didn’t look to hit the the headlines or want to. I sucked it up ( i lost everything…my plans…everything) and got on with my life. So why can’t you Kimmy.  I’m sick of hearing about how celebrity lives are more important than ours because they are not….day to day the real hero’s in life are the people who work through the shit of life and get on with it…not the kim Kardashian’s and Johnny Depp’s of this world.

Oh the man / woman/ sheepdog thing, claims to know the whole story about the robbery….but honestly he freaks me out ( dude you were born a man, you decided to get you re dick cut off…but your still a man….sticking feathers up your ass does not make you a chicken) so I could nt read what crap he was on about. On another note….wikileaks dude you are a fucking asshole and you have lost what little bit of respect you had by your interview on Tuesday….you suck ( if you didn’t see it, he claimed he had info that would indicate Hilary and he would release it at 5am Tuesday morning on an Internet show…then he didn’t and tried to promote his shitty book.. wanker)

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s Alison Harvard…a beautiful woman. 

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