We can’t stand each other,so let’s get married…BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE 

I love dumbass celebrities….I mean they are so stupid that they make me smile. Remember a few months back Angelina Jolie released  her film ” by the sea” about a married couple going through issues…staring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie  and was made on they re honeymoon. Talk about putting a hex on your marriage. 

The film was fucking dog shit….but she directed and starred in it with new husband Brad Pitt….but off set they didn’t even talk to each other and Brad fucked off to pub on his own the whole time….they could almost be mistaken for an Irish newly married couple…you think that a bell would go off in the auld head of one them ” jasus, I hate yer man” or ” jasus I can’t stand yer one” but no, like all good Irish marriages they go ” I ve a great idea let’s get married “….celebrities  really are funny.

Oh Katie price is in the headlines but I just don’t care but I thought I’d mention it.

In Amherst, Massachuetts…the national guard and state police were sent into an 81 year old womans home to seize ….a pot plant….one fucking pot plant that the woman grew to help her sleep. She didn’t have a medical pot card so the boys in riot gear and  police helicopters …bust in ..”go go go”…” room clear”…” moving”…” no sign of suspect…wait contact right….no its a cat”!!! They were lucky to get out with they re lives, because the 81 year old woman was nt home….but they all probably said job well done and we got the plant. 

Ah this shows the stupidness of administration in America. Why waste resources like that on one plant  when one local cop could have called quietly to the house and sorted it all. This is just stupid.

Check our this congrass man, who believes that islands float and that Guam was about to topple over!!! I shit you not…he even brought it up in congress and asked a military adviser about Guam toppling over and the poor military guy wanted to say..” you fucking idiot…an island doesn’t float” but he had to bite his lip and say ” no Mr congressman we don’t foresee that happening”. This comes as yesterday the usa bombed they re own allies fighting isis and kerry went crawling back to Russia.Whats scarier than that is there is members of Congress asking military advisers why can’t we shoot down Russian planes!!!! It’s fucking simple….if you shoot down a Russian plane for no reason….Putin will stick a nuke up your ass. How do powerful people become so stupid or is it we re so stupid for putting them there…it’s a crazy time in history and worst bit is people as a mass don’t believe it’s happening…..WAKE UP!!!

So until tomorrow guys and gals…don’t let a nuke be shoved up your ass

Love you all guys and gals 

Here is Ireland’s own goddess Amanda Byran 

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