So yesterday was my birthday and I want to thank everyone for they re birthday wishes it was cool to hear from you all…..today thou I am very sick (as in flu sick or something and not a sick twisted weirdo  shur I’m that anywat) so I’m going give a list of long cool women in black dresses.

I wish I could write more but as you see from the picture I’m fucked up I can hear the hospital calling. To give you an idea of how wrecked I am…..if any of these  sexy women took me to bed, it would be like ” do me from behind porta” and I would have to say ” from behind are you kidding i can just about manage from the front…..look luv  I ve bout 10 good strokes in me and we re already at 7….from behind and I ll be dead… just close your eyes and think of the flag …so I can apologise for how crap I am  like a man in a minute ”
So until tomorrow guys and gals…I have no idea who half these women are…but they re  hot…

Love you all guys and gals 

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