I feel like crap but I switch out of the world for a few days and the whole place goes nuts….it’s so funny when you step back and just look at how silly celebrities are. Rite so we ll start with Adele

Adele the beautiful adele….so sorry I must have them mixed up I’m talking about the big girl Adele. She was singing some whiney song on some show last nite and she said ” she feels sorry for America because of fucking Trump ” now she is entitled to her opinion but let me tell about Adele. Before she became famous  ( and she can sing) she was dating a guy and they broke up….and what I can gather the breakup  was the guys doing and it was straight forward….but she slated him in her songs….the poor guy did nothing wrong and had to move out of his home town because everyone thought he was a complete bastard and everywhere he goes someone works out who he is and from her songs they think he is a woman hater, when he did nothing wrong. So big adele makes big money and yer man’s life is ruined. It shows what people will do to get famous

In serious news the USS MASON  was fired on my a radar guided Yemen anti ship missiles ….the terriosts missed and the USS MASON  blasted the shit outa them with Tomahawk missiles. There is a funny and a serious side to this. The funny side is….how do you miss a ship 10 miles out to sea with a radar guided missile…who did they dig up to put in the fucking missile site…a 90 year old man who doesn’t know what a phone is. I mean how stupid can you be….you would think that maybe they might ask the guy in the interview for firing the missile ” have you any experience in this kinda work?”….these guys could fuck up a cup of coffee.

Now the serious side….what happens when they find a dude who knows what he is doing and sinks a ship like the USS MASON!!! The whole balance of power will shift in the middle east and suddenly one of the busiest shipping lanes  in the world will be at the mercy of well backed terriosts. It’s a thought I don’t want to think about because chaos will reign if that happens. So I say well done USS MASON  bomb the shit out of them.

In other news Justin Bieber was caught miming at one of his gigs again….hang on that’s not news that’s Justin Bieber…fuck him

So we get to the thing that wipes away every important issue in the world could quite possibly bring peace on earth…Taylor Swift’s legs. Yes you are reading right, with all the shit happening in the world guess what makes the biggest headlines…Taylor Swift’s legs…she went to a “kings of Leon ” gig with that fucking squad of wanker material yhat are her friends and she showed off her legs to show that she is over Tom Hiddleston  ( or was it to show Tom what he is missing over his head) anyway a great night was had….and I d let Taylor wrap those legs around me anytime.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…I wonder did Adele know she was pregnant  until the baby popped out….
Love you all guys and gals

Today’s goddess is Lady Gaga 


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