Hahahahaha…..this is priceless. Kim kardashian said she might go for professional help to deal with the stress of the robbery. You should have gone for it years ago luv. Can you just picture the head doctor sitting there ” now what seems to be the problem kim” then not able to keep a straight face he bursts out laughing ” where will we fucking start kimmy”.

Kimmy is married to the biggest dope in the world, makes sex tapes of her taking it up the ass…that “the hackers” always get…in other wonder she sends it to someone and she is an idiot….it’s  a bloody mine field inside her head. This comes after she said she would return to France for the trial for the robbery..in which there is no DNA or CCTV footage or well… any evidence at all and it was the (bankrupt) bodyguards night off ….but Kimmy wouldn’t lie….would she?

In screwed up news,a guy was stabbed in Sweden by some asshole in a clown mask. Last week a bunch of men in clown suits tried to abduct some 10 year boys in Sweden. It even happened in Ireland last weekend in fucking Mayo of all fecking places …some guy mugged a woman while wearing a clown mask ( the mugger worn the mask not the woman…I know it’s Ireland but give us a break) it’s happening in England and Holland and other western European countries….wtf is going on!!!! Here’s something to think about….in some Muslim countries  they hang you for being gay , flog woman for basically speaking…. wtf fuck will they do to you if you run around dressed as a clown stabbing people. …..???

Guys and gals you gotta stop this clown shit because someone will think they tough or joking and they will get killed and I agree with the police….put the harshest laws in place  and maybe these assholes will stop.

Some stupid company spent a couple of million dollars on a survey just to find our that women prefer they re smartphones to they re partner. Are you kidding me….every guy in the world nows that. Some women will check a text message during sex….I was with a girl who sent out a tweet ” Im just getting the ride”!!! Don’t spend million of dollars  on these crap surveys …… just give me the money and I give you the answers.

In other news Bieber did something but I don’t care….and apparently the wild Willy himself, Bill Clinton, paid a woman $200 to have an abortion, but that’s not news….Bill probably has an account at the abortion clinic that he settles up with at the end of each month….that man is a sick twisted weirdo….but his wife is worse.
So until tomorrow guys and gals….girls put away the phone and make the love…ya baby ya…I ve got my freak on..oh wait you took a photo of me dancing…bitch

Love you all guys and gals 

Today’s goddess is  Stacy Keibler 

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