Way back in the day when you went to a concert you expected two things to happen besides the music….you got drunk/stoned and usually a fight. Then everyone made up and enjoyed the gig. I remember one guy got his dreads pulled out in a fight at a faith no more concert and partied on. 

But now enter Justin Bieber. The little bastard comes out on stage and tells fans to shut up while he is singing ( miming) . He did it last night in Manchester. People pay over  £100 a ticket to see this lesbien  ( look I’m convinced he is a girl and a lesbien….till I see proof of otherwise…theory  holds water) mime  to bad music and then get insulted. Where is the respect of the fans? As I said I aim to change this so please stay with me because I aim to put in right in the face of people like Justin Bieber and then put him in his motherfucking place.

Lefties and trendies from thousands of miles away keep shouting  that ireland must take in more Muslim refugees. Let me put this to you fuckers plainly….YOU DON’T LIVE HERE AND UNTIL YOU DO SHOUT YOUR FUCKING HOLE. Why am I a bit angry today you ask, seeing as this has been going on most of the year…well it’s because ISIS fighters have been caught trying to flee Mosul…get this …dressed as women.

Now these fuckers rape women, mutual girls ( hilarys girlfriend is the leading spokesperson for pro mutation of female genitals…vote that) hang gay people and flog women for the slightest thing….but when the yellow streak comes out its fine to dress up as a woman. So what about this seeing as they are dressed as women….why not treat them the way they treat women…flog them…rape them…push walls on them then hang them because they were raped…what you say to that trendies…have you an answer or is it time to buy a new pair of converse  runners show you are oppressed. Fuck ISIS and fuck all you lefties trendie scumbags who ain’t got the guts to say that these guys dressed as women trying to flee as refugees are cowards!!!

From what I saw of the last debate….Trump hammered Hilary but he could have gone harder. Instead of tweeting later about her laughing about the benghazi deaths he should have nailed her then and there. At this stage I don’t know if Hilary can tell the truth about anything. Every question she was asked she twisted it into a mock or slur against Trump. She is a scumbag. A general is being charged with a crime similar to the email scandal its one tenth as bad as what Hilary has done and yet she runs free. If she gets in ( she won’t win the election….but that ain’t ever stopped someone becoming president…Kennedy…Bush….) I wonder what job Loretta lynch will get….better be worth it Loretta because you are dealing with the devil.

How low do celebrities have to sink. Photoshoping pics just to look that little bit better….nonsense. people would respect you more for reality but no they ve gotta be perfect and then pass on to kids that they re bodies ain’t beautiful enough. No hot girl today but alot of photoshop fails.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….don’t dress up as a Muslim woman guys you might not like the result…

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the fails

Photoshop fail

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