Oh dear God why won’t Madonna just stop. The auld slapper herself did some kind of freaky pole dance at a party of rich loser celebrities…and they all thought it was great. But to me it’s the scariest thing I can think of to see Madonna trying to look sexy…..even in her younger days she looked like she had an std.

Last week she said she would give a blow job to anyone who voted for Hilary Clinton. It has taken me days to get over the thought of Madonna defileing me. Yuk yuk yuk and that yoke ” men and women are different ” Amy Schumer watching as Madonna ruins your life. So Madonna please stop trying to be sexy….because your not….neither is Amy Schumer…..please please please stop

I believe in religious freedom I really do and when it comes to the subject being taught in schools I don’t think it should be taught because teachers are not vetted for mental illness. But a non Muslim school in Germany has forced the kids to chant ” Allah akbar ” and ” there is no God but allah”what the fuck is going on. 

It’s not the fact that one religious belief is being taught it’s the fact that it is being forced by one teacher. The teacher then gave out a leaflet to the kids with Islamic prayers on it for the kids to learn. This female nut bag teacher has yet to issue a comment but the school ( which is private…so you ve got to pay for your child to become a Muslim…weather they want too or not) is going to issue a statement later today or Monday. Also in Germany there is a town that is solely populated by…get this….fucking refugees!!! Locals were forced to move because of a 10 to 1 ratio of refugees to native Germans in the town. Why are refugees being put in small towns around Europe when there is none of the departments of immigration anywhere near these towns that the refugees  need and then the refugees take over the town. I live in a small irish town….I say to the government of Ireland…..fucking try it….just you fucking try it and watch what happens….we won’t roll over and play dead for you as you shit on us.
I still can’t get the idea of Madonna giving me a blow job out of my head….bitch….dam you to hell.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..Remember dead Democrats can vote….I shit you not….
Love you all guys and gals 

Here the strangely sexy Sofia Boutella

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