Why is Justin Bieber such a tool. He was in Dublin last night and had two bodyguards with him….he goes into a pub to go for piss and when he comes out some guy spots him and starts to film him on the street. Bodyguards come over take the dudes phone and delete the video….on Biebers orders!!!!

He was in a chip shop in Scotland a few days ago ….same thing again he has two bodyguards with him. The shop was quite and some girls came in….the asked for a photo the little prick says no and the bodyguards made the girls leave. Where does this guy get off. Here is the worst part…a guy was queuing up to give his order and has no clue who Justin Bieber is ….he just wants his food…and a bodyguard puts his hand on the man’s chest and tells him to keep his distance from Bieber….in this case the man calmed down quickly as he knew the owner of the chip shop and didn’t want to cause trouble for him.

But here is the thing….no fucking bodyguard has a right to put his hand on you if you are not in any way hasselling the person they are protecting. Even if you are, the bodyguards can not touch you till you touch the person they are protecting. So here is the Porta Gregor method for dealing with bodyguards acting on illegal orders given by a shit head who put they re hands on you…if it’s a flat hand on your chest…quickly grap his elbow with your left hand and then grab his hand with your right hand while pushing with all your weight and strength….this will break his wrist and fingers ( this is also a self defence method if attacked) ….if grabbed by the bodyguard ….grab his arms and pull him to the ground with u….your goal to break his arm by any means possible. 

You might think I’m being a nut case….I ve been attacked and I fought back…two guys had a long recovery….but I learned the hard way because a guy tried to kill me by setting me on fire. Don’t make my mistake it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission….so if someone touchs you in a way you don’t like….hurt them. Go load and violent quickly and stand your ground and end the situation quickly.

It seems wild Willy himself Bill Clinton has a black son. This black guy …Mr Williams…has come out and said wild Willy himself Bill Clinton is his father  ( why you would admit to the world that bill clinton is your father is beyond me) and he wants to do a DNA test to prove it, but wild Willy Bill is having none of it, probably because he can’t remember was his mother one of his rape victims…a hooker…a one night stand..or whatever. Shur Bill could have children everywhere if he gives his DNA. 

This comes as the FBI reopened the emails case against Hilary, but they don’t forsee her being convicted on anything….at all…ever!!! Even the worst president in the history of America  Obama has come out defending Hilary and not really supporting the FBI….nice going Mr president….don’t enforcement the law unless it suits you….maybe you should invite some of the rappers back to give you some legal advice after all you were dancing to songs about date rape…Mr president!!!!

For some reason this is a headline….Taylor Swift borrowed the suit from the film ” deadpool” and wore it to a party. Yes there is crime world wide….women being flogged  and raped…war….troop build up in Europe but hey….Taylor Swift wore the dead pool costume….that is seriously important news!!!! We are so fucked…

So until tomorrow guys and gals…” I did not have sexual relations with that woman”
Love you all guys and gals….
Today’s most stunningly beautiful woman that is ….Melissa George…

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