SO how do I put this…… there is nothing happening that’s worth writing about. I’m being serious ….. there really is just crap news. Least the guy yesterday connected his  balls  to car battery . … but today nothing.

In Allepo . … someone bombed someone else and some wacko called for rivers of blood…. but wwhat is  new about that. Hilary Clinton is the anti Christ … according to emails but shur one look at her and that walking copse Bill and we all knew that.

Kim kardashian fired the bodyguard who was away having a wank while the supposed robbery was going on… who cares

Prince harry is still going on about he loves his new bitch ( ladies her sister called her a bitch first…. so no giving shit to me) and bitch is getting media time …. note  to self … I ve gotta stop calling her bitch and find out her real name.

That’s bout it….. there is a bunch of zed listers stripping off to show bodies for calendars . …. and Taylor Swift is still not knocked up.

So until tomorrow guys and gals ….. vote Trump . ..
Love  you all guys and gals 

Only good thing today is the sexy Emily Browning . .

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