One of the books that had the biggest effect on me growing up was ” the diary of a man in despair ” it’s about a guy in Germany after world war 2 who was so angry with himself for not doing something about Hitler and the nazi’s that he killed himself. He knew they were wrong and bad, but he went along with the war … he knew of the killings …. he knew of it all but went along for fear of himself being killed but later he knew he should have spoke up and so should others.
The reason I tell you this is because if you vote /support Hilary  Clinton . … this despair is ahead of you. She lies….. she is just plain bad and in 8 years  when you can’t get her out of the white  house and China controls the American economy and there is a prolonged war with Russia . … your too will be writing your own version of ” a diary of a man in despair “. vote Trump . If you are still on the fence at this stage … well you are a  moron and should vote for your equal ….. Gary Johnson !!!! That’s all Porta Gregor will say about the election as it’s the army of light verses the army of darkness…. choose but don’t say you weren’t warned when the war begins. Porta Gregor says vote Trump and let the antichrist Hilary fade into the history books…..  I ve chosen my side and sink or swim I stand behind my choice….make yours bit don’t bitch about it in 8 years!!!!

The super rich really fucking sicken me. Don’t get me wrong I want to be rich but I don’t want the filt and grime of fucking people over on my conscience  . I have a goal and when i reach that …. every thing else is gravy. But then you have the super duper rich who’s only goal is more…. law doesn’t seem to apply to them ….  in other words if you have money you get a pass.

Today I m going to tell you bout Patty Hearrst. Alot of you may not have heard of her because time moves on but back in the 70s she was a mega rich heiress who got kidnapped by a bunch of fucking morons called the S.L.A. (  Symbionese Liberation Army). Now these guys could fuck up a cup of coffee but some how they  kidnapped Patty  and low and behold she becomes a member…. I know you all will shout “Stockholm syndrome ” but I say balls…. Patty  was a member from day one and just was angry at daddy because he bought this auld bitch a Mercedes instead of a Porsche.

So anyway daddy does all the demands till the S.L.A ask too much and daddy says “ah fuck off …… keep the bitch”( well not in those words). So no money…. what do they do then…. go rob a bank and there is good old Patty  dressed as che with a machine gun robbing the bank…. where a guy was killed. She is even on cctv controlling the crowd.

So to make a long story short…. these    S. L.A. guys end up in a massive shoot out with cops and get killed.But  while the shoot is going on Patty and two others are driving around trying to find the house….. they forgot where they were staying.After  the news was on the radio about the shoot out and deaths of the tools . … Patty gives herself up. Now you would expect the book to be thrown at her…right  . … wrong  !!!!

In steps daddy and a few years later Patty is quietly presidential pardoned  free to go. She now lives in a brown stone in new York . … has written  few books and stared in a few movies.She  is the head of some charity but that is a load of bollox because look at Clinton’s, bono, di caprio  and so on, all taking money from they re own charities because of tax breaks. Do you think Patti would be out of prison now if daddy wasn’t super rich…. you can bet your sweet ass the bitch would still be rotting there  ( where she belongs)  if daddy didn’t step in.

My point here is with money you can control any legal system. If you have more money than God. … you could shoot someone in front of the police station . .. naked. … with ” I killed the bastard” written on your chest in blood….with the gun shoved up your ass  ( dna) and you will probably get off with self defence.
Today it’s no different . …  do you really  think it took 10 years to find bin ladin…. why are so many known terrorists  being allowed into western countries….. why is it so hard to control the flow of drugs… so hard to charge Hilary . …. one simple word…. money .  Us poor losers are fucked but the super elite free to do as they will….. but tomorrow  l ll tell you about the Porta Gregor plan to fight back.

So until tomorrow guys and gals . …  vote Trump . …

Love you all guys and gals 

Here is the weirdly sexy …..  Ann Hathaway  .

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