As we discussed yesterday if you are filty rich then you can basically do anything and get away it…. I mean check out Lindsay Lohan ( always looking good for a mug shot )

So what do you do if your an average person with no money, here is the Porta Gregor plan  ( if you take my advice on this don’t blame me if you get life in prison )

1. First off if you going to commit a crime do it so big and that the judge pukes when he sees you. The bigger the crime the less chance they will believe you did it ( if in any way u decide to rape or sexuality molest another person as your crime….. i hope you are butt fucked every day of your sentence and killed on the last day…… i don’t tolerate you sick fucks )

2. If you can’t afford a lawyer and your only choice is some dumb ass they appoint for you….. defend yourself and answer every question with ” I’m a sick man I need help” and throw yourself on the mercy of the court because this gets the judge turned on because he/ she has power over you.

3. Dress well and respectable going to court, not ” make statement ” shit that trendies do . … fuck you  Patty Hearst !!

4. Never laugh in court ….. well only laugh if you know your fucked….. no point taking it too serious if you off to the booty  house for life.
5. no matter how much you want too kicking the shit out of the judge will not help.

6. Finally after they have royaly fucked you over and everything….. stick in the appeal straight away  . …nothing makes a judge happier than over turning another judge’s decision . …. it’s kinda a fuck you in judge circles .

7. Plead insanity 

Alison Harvard  ( my future ex  wife)

8. If it’s a divorce court . .. claim you have lost your house, wallet,job ,car, dog and cat,penis and you have just be diagnosed as stupid and plead insanity for marrying the other person.

The point here is the rich will get away with a court case… you as the victim will be fucked over , so don’t be a victim!! If attacked… deal with it by other means so they will never attack some one again….. there is ways and means of not being a victim… use them .  THE LAW WILL NOT PROTECT YOU IF YOU ARE POOR SO PROTECT YOURSELF !!!( my advice is so shit).

So until tomorrow guys and gals . … vote Trump . ..
Love you all guys and gals 

Here is a woman I would love sleep with…  Julienne Davis  ( bet you won’t guess where you remember her from)

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