So today is the last day for America to make up its mind. I ll make no bones about it, I support Trump and I hope he wins but today I’m going to point out Hilary Clinton’s good points …. oh  wait there isn’t any.

When she was just the governor of arkansas’ s wife…. she refused to wash for a year and smelt so bad that a farmers union  refused to speak to her till she washed. Her first and only court case as a lawyer was to get the conviction of a richor  pedophile over turned.

When she and Bill where in the white house . … she broke over $ 25k of vintage crockery by throwing it at Bill and every few days had to held back by secret service from attacking people and on a few ooccasion she hit Bill so hard that they would have to use make up to hide his bruises  ( can’t blame her for that)

ON leaving they white house over $ 250k in damages where done by hilary alone and she stole $ 14k worth of vintage crockery from the white house  ( what is it with this mad bitch and crockery ) and filed for bankruptcy . … but yet now is worth over $ 280billion

Move on a few years . … she is responsible for benghazi. She is responsible for bribery to access Obama. In one way or another over 50 deaths have only one thing in common the clintons. Then there is the year she spent having operations on her brain.

Then we come to the emails for fuck sake any auld bitch who has the neck to commit treason and laugh at the American people under US law should be lined up against a wall and shot…… but she runs for president.

I cant make it any clearer….. if you vote for Hilary it’s your right but do not say you weren’t warned when the mad bitch is butt fucking the world. And all you fucking trendies can go kiss my ass and if any of even think about saying I just don’t want to see a female American president . … Think about this, i voted for both female ppresident of rep. of  Ireland so fuck all you stupid female Democrats who openly support  the woman who s girlfriend is the leading western voice on female genital mutation !!!
So until tomorrow guys and gals . .. vote Trump . …

Love you all guys and gals 

Here are those freaky Olsen  twins ( a little too close for sisters but this shit is what you will get with Hilary as president !!) they really scare the shit outa me.

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