Today there is no other news but the American election..  I don’t know if the American people know that the out come of the election effects the whole world or not. If the mad bitch Hilary gets into the white house,  jobs and industry will move east to China. If you don’t believe me just look at the power the Chinese had to tell that loser Obama to get off the back of air force one to no press …. and he did it!!! Even the president of our tiny island of the rep. Of Ireland , who is small,quite ,soft spoken man who I’d say was never was in a fight in his life, if the Chinese told us that our president had to get off the back door of our state plane…. well president Michael D. Hggins and his bodyguards would go pre historic on those Chinese fuckers and beat the shit out of anything that moved. Hilary  will kiss Chinese ass and Saudi Arabia  ass ( Saudis own 6% of America in terms of property and the Chinese own the top ten movie studios in Hollywood and the American national debt)

A Vote  for Trump means jobs kept in America or in the west. It means the usa will make other nato countries pay they re share ( which is only right) rebuild the US military  ( trust me you ll  need it  we here in Ireland will need it too)  close the boarders….. this is one the biggest issues because if America can do it and stop terriosts claiming to be refugees entering the country…. then we can because we can follow the American lead and we can  stop wasting money we don’t have on fishing lads out of the Mediterranean and get the Irish navy back to protecting our coast line.

America you have a choice…. for the first time in your history and electon has gone back to the meaning of 1776. Are you going to vote for your independence or to be a collney of other countries . .. its that simple.

So until tomorrow guys and gals . .. vote Trump . …
Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s Taylor MMomsen ( she freaks me out too….. but she dam sexy)

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