Can you believe that the GQ woman of the year award went to IGGY AZALEA . …why … fuck knows. I can’t name one of her songs and only found out who she was by seeing her ass in that video with J-LO or whatever miss Lopez goes as now. Iggy Azalea turned up looking stunning as usual and then in her acceptance speech she said  she now had an award winning vagina ! Well used …maybe …but award winning . ..that’s a bit of a stretch there iggy  . ..but any girl who has ass implants wouldn’t mind a good stretch and GQ are well known for the excellent spread they put on at parties something Iggy well used too….parties I mean. Congratulations Iggy.

Not check out this piece of shit. Say hello everyone to Eric Anita. Eric  is from Malawi  and he  had unprotected sex with 104 women and children some as young as 12 ….while he was infected with hiv !!! He is known as a “hyena ” meaning he is a guy to go too for  a sexual cleansing , a practice  that has to happen every years to widows and young girls and there seems to be loads of these ” hyenas” around.

They are ment to be known for their good morals and upstanding citizens so they are known to be clean ….but this guy neglected to inform the women he was hiv positive!!! None of the under age girls turned up in court to give evidence against him a and only one of two women who filed  a complaint against him turned you. Eric claims that he was providing a service and that all the young kids enjoyed his services and that’s why there was no one turns up to give evidence. Under the law the max  sentance he can be given is 5 years in prison and the president had to step in to get him charged with that. 

This is where news ends for me. I don’t give a fuck about a culture that forces people to have sex or a culture where a sick twisted weirdo called a ” hyena” is paid to give a sexual cleansing to kids. We here in the west have to adcept people as refugees and stuff like this is called culture…just fucking try it here I dare you and you ll see what a well made combat boot will do to you creepy head.Eric you piece of shit  I’m going to predict the future . …one day you ll be walking along down the street thinking you the man and you  ll look down at your chest seeing a tiny red dot moving up your chest and you will lose sight of it at you re neck…..trust me it didn’t disappear …but some lucky person will see the red mist that once was your head. People like this scumbag sicken me so don’t bother even saying ” different cultures ” or ” love everyone” you fucking lefties trendy assholes. Check out a movie called ” red, white and blue” and then ask yourself what would you do. I can’t write any more I’m so pissed off by this scumbag Eric . 

So until tomorrow guys and gals . ….fuck you Eric go eat a bag of shit…
Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s Iggy Azalea …

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