Well….it’s not that we don’t care about the shootings in Turkey, it was a horrible crime committed by a total fuck wit, it’s that Turkey  for too long has stuck it’s middle finger in the air to the west and then want to join us. Turkey could have stopped Syria from happening but instead of being human beings and getting rid of the ISIS  forces ( they had Intel on who they were the members, remember they are part of nato) instead they moved they re troops to the boarder and laughed at kurdish forces who with world war one equipment fought and lost ground to ISIS. But they stopped laughing when kurdish forces turned the battle around, then they got scared and the Turkish forces turned on they re own people. Turkey is not a nice place, they seem to want a new ottoman empire but the west to pay for it. They also need to stem the flow of refugees into Europe , so until you sort your shit out Turkey you will only get one answer from me…”Turkey,fuck Turkey…put ur own house in order before looking to the west”

A catholic priest in Italy is being investigated for pimping women and sex orgies and all kinds of shit. He had videos marked with popes names that were really sex tapes. When are the vatican going to weed out these weirdos ( let’s face it even if he wasn’t a priest this story would still be sick) . You might say “porta your jumping on the band wagon and shouting about the vatican” well you may find it hard to believe but I am a hard line catholic. I’m a believer and I’m sick of seeing what has become of my church. The Catholic Church has become a diluted version of what it once was, we need to go back to our core beliefs and stop this watered down version of what it means to be a catholic. The current Pope is a fucking asshole, yes I said it. He is useless, a jesuit gimp who takes his orders from the black Pope.  What should happen the pimping priest…defrocked and then castrated, the same to any priest involved in abuse. Nuns the same ….but depending on the level of abuse…some of them should just be lined against a wall and shot.If you think I’m too harsh ….please look in to abuses by priests and nuns and judge for yourself 

In Germany, “MIEN KAMPF ” has been reprinted for the first time since world war two and guess what the fucking thing has become a best seller. I don’t know if any of you have read it but I have. It’s is one of the worst written books in history…boring and just repeats the same hate over and over again. It is fucking shit. If any nazi believer’s are reading this let me explain something…Hitler was a homosexual rent boy who used to have women piss on him and he got  an entire country addicted to crystal meth. In simple terms Hitler was the king of all assholes who could fuck up a cup of coffee. If you are planning reading “MIEN KAMPF “….don’t bother, buy a “playboy” and go have a wank, it’s more interesting.

In San fancisco they have decided to set up a safe place for meth heads and heroin additics can shoot up. It’s in an attempt to stop the spead of aids and other diseases while also keep overdoses down. There is over 100 of these places worldwide in 66 different cities…..I don’t know how I feel about this so I ll let the pictures speak.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….fuck Turkey and fuck Hitler…
Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s a woman I know nothing about except that she has shit taste in cars… the sexy Hannah Ware…

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