It’s been a long hard week in the news this week what with scumbags like Obama trying  to start a war with Russia and black Lives matter fueled anti Trump idiots torturing a disabled man….but we ve made it…the first week of 2017 is down. What I ve noticed and I have no idea why is that alot of people are very upset at celebrity deaths and are saying 2016 sucked….but they never met these celebrities or knew them …the only knew the public idea of them.

I ll give two examples here…I was talking to a guy online ( who is a big star wars fan) about how he felt about Carrie Fisher dying, he told me it was sadder than his grandmother dying and effected him deeply. So I asked why, did he know her or ever meet her….to which he answered no and then went on to say she was an iconic actress and for some people that’s all they have to remember they youth. Ah excuse me for having a few suggestions..what about your family, your friends, the girls/guys you slept with and so on. If the only connection to your youth is a woman you don’t know ( do you really think she is princess lea every day of her life) and it effects you when she dies ….buddy you need to have a talk with yourself. I’m a David bowie fan, I even met him twice, would I call him a friend …no way and when I heard of his death i just thought ok I think I ll go back to sleep no nonsense of “deeply effected me” I didn’t know the man I only knew the image.

Another guy I know who is a big star wars fan ( did you know that hard core star wars fan are more likely to be sexual  predators than normal people) also said he went into a state of deep sadness when Carrie Fisher died….he also said that she was a champion of mental health and because of his “ofliction of poor mental health” he loved her. Now she might have been a champion of mental health issues but the only issue the guy I know has is that he is an asshole. He moved away from all of the people who knew him and then tried to claim he was mad in order to get disability allowance and not work ( a lazy piece of shit in other words) no doctor would fill in the form for him and he decided himself that he was bi polar and the doctor told him to take a special tablet when he feels bad….a placebo!!!! I’m getting side tracked here but this is the kind of assholes that we re dealing with that they care more about a celebrity death than they do of the death of a family member or close friend….how and when did we get so stupid.

I like Taylor Swift not her music but the woman herself. I would love to go on a date with her but I want to go on date with the real woman behind the myth of Taylor Swift the celebrity. Think about it, would your rather sit in a posh restaurant with a poor girl who is trying to be a celebrity or share a subway with a girl who is completely herself and just is relaxed….That’s the Taylor Swift I want to know, the beautiful woman behind the beautiful celebrity woman. What I’m trying to say is…what you see on tv is the celebrity persona and is only one tenth of who the real person is….why love that all that is going to happen is by the power of attraction you will meet your idol and you will be disappointed and so will the celebrity. 

I want to meet the Taylor Swift that dresses in an old hooded and jeans, wears unmatching underwear and un matching socks…who laughs when she eats and is basically herself around you…That’s beauty. So to all these muppetts and stupid celebrity idol people….you love an idea not the real person…for God’s sake fucking wake up and stop going around claiming you are deeply effected by the death of someone you never knew or met but had a wank too when you thought about that hairy bastard from star wars riding her on that falcon space ship thing and Harrison Ford clapping  the hairy bastard on. In other words go away and get a life lads!!!!

So until tomorrow guys and gals….Taylor I’m free and single and any day you wanna share a subway please contact me because all I want to know is the real you…

Love you all guys and gals….
Here’s a woman I don’t find sexy but I would say she is great in bed ….Naomi Campbell….

Oh I just heard Obama wants to visit ireland again….ah how do I put this….PLEASE DON’T AND FUCK OFF…your daughters are welcome thou….

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