Because I’m going to spend the whole weekend writing about what happens today and probably  have to show you that the word democrat should not be used anywhere near the anti Trump movement  and the therm ” the eternal jack boot stomping on the face of humanity ” should be they re moto. Today I’m going to prove a point….I ll explain it at the end

North Korea is shouting about testing a new missile to attack America. Ireland is still having troubles up north and the drug problem here is  only expanding. Germany is under siege from an invasion of so called ” refugees “. Human trafficking is still going on and women are sold into sex trade at a massive rate and daily they re lives get worse. What am I getting at….think.

In Saudi Arabia women are being flogged and killed for non crimes and young girls have to become child brides ….ISIS Are still beheading people and war still rages in Syria. Those who hate still hate and those who love still love…..have you gotten it yet….

Here’s my point ….today Donald Trump is being sworn in as the 45th president of United States  and women are marching and violence is planned and people all over the world are bitching about Trump….but have you noticed anything….the world is still turning.

All the hate that the anti Trump people and the black Lives matter groups have been speading hasn’t improved the world nor has the world fallen off its axis and the problems of the world are still there. I make no bones about the fact I support Trump but president Trump is in America and I can have my views on America but it doesn’t change my daily life here.

My health is still fucked, I ve still got my business to run, I ve got music to write, I ve cyber bullies to destroy and there is so many other issues in the world to push and destroy and there is so many rich people/ celebrities that  have  nonsense to call out and the  fight against, Trump being made president is a minor foot note. But I know the anti Trump movement will try something today and I’m going to have to cover it tomorrow. Im asking for restraint….please show restraint today….Trump has been elected president nothing can change that ….give the man a chance. Im asking you all to show president  Trump some respect….the respect that you didn’t show to us supporters of Trump as you mocked our views and opinions and we took it without violence….not like the anti Trump groups….now is you chance to become human beings and prove that you can protest peacefully and  that you   are willing to be real people and not haters ….take it or leave it.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….a new better world dawns, it’s a time for us all to be United but I think after today the divide between right and left will be so big that instead of me going to peace tomorrow…..Porta Gregor  will have to go to war. Please don’t force war on me because you won’t like the out come….peace is always better.
Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s a woman for that all  the  vampire suck heads that glow in the sunshine will love  but I wouldn’t touch her  with someone else’s….Kristen stwart….


  1. I’m not American, but my familly ( i mean my husbend, I and our children) would love to migrate to US. So we watching all debats and observed the situation in America. We happy that the Trump won and we don’t understand reactions people. Trump won in democratic elections, so whats going on? I understand that people don’t like hom, bit you have rihgt: They should give him a chance…

    Sorry for my english, but I still need practice ( Last 6 years I studied ukrainian and russian languages…)

    Best from Poland


    1. Thank you for reading and comment…they re main reason for saying he is not president is Hilary won( stole) the popular vote but that’s not how u become president….it works of number of seats in Congress and the candidate who reaches 271 seats for they re party in Congress is president. Trump wants each country to put its own interests first which is the right thing to do. It’s going to b a hard 5 years world wide but overall each country will come out better. I love Polish women….so Intelligent and so beautiful….I wish you and your family all the best if ye decide to go to America now is the time to get the American dream


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