There is nothing I hate more than a wimp trying to make hard core guys look silly. That’s what Ed Sheran is doing his latest God awful video . What’s the name of the song …..fuck knows….but Ed Sheran pretends to be a sumo wrestler, boxer and other tough sport guys in the video to win over a female boxer. We all know that Ed Sheran wouldn’t or couldn’t beat his way out of a wet pepper bag and that’s fine be who you are….but now he is openly mocking guys who train hard and bust they’re ass training by dressing up like them… ” look at me I’m tough on the inside….hahaha….I love you, I love you, I suck ,I love yooooooouuuuu”

You might think I’m being a bit hard on the ginger muppet but the song I remember him singer last was how he ll love some girl even though he has no memory….shur at that stage they could put any woman in front of him and tell him it’s his lover. Bringing James blunt on tour seems to have turned Ed Sheran into an even bigger wuss….if that’s possible.  What happened to the guy that wrote about hookers and Drug addiction.  I can tell you if like…..he spent a week on Jamie Foxes couch and he met Taylor Swift…..draw your own conclusions on what happens there.

It seems Microsoft want to allow terrorists into all countries and run riot. What people have failed to see is that legislation passed in America is basically policy for the rest of the world….and I support it. Nobody is banned….immigrants are just to be vetted. Which would you preferr a serial rapist being left into your country then attacks and rapes your daughter….all because you supported open boarders in your county. If the person was vetted  by immigration it would show up that this piece of shit has a history of rape so ” no thanks but fuck off”. This is how simple it is….im sorry but it seems I must be blunt to make this point.

Why are Microsoft pushing for the restrictions to be lifted. ….. I don’t know ….but I can guess. Think just how much space is needed on the cloud to house the world’s criminal data bases and think of the software development that will be needed over the next ten years as the amount of crimes committed by people wanting in to America  is made  so more space on servers needed. When everything is broken down it comes to money….this  is where President Trump has the upper hand over the tail that has wagging  the dog system  of government in America that for so long has stopped America and thus the world from moving ahead. The system of government has been out of control too long in America so now the elected head of the country is taking back control the money brokers don’t like it  ….you cant fuck with someone who has nothing to lose.

The S.A.G ( screen actors guild)awards were on last night but I’ve never heard of any of the shows or actors ….so it was a load of kissing the bigger stars asses…..What Hollywood should be more worried about is the fact that China now own all 8 major studios and we all better get used to China saving the world and everything in china is great….except for mobile execution vans, you can’t drink the water and if you say anything against the government they lock you ass up in gender mixed prisons…..think about that fucked up shit.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….beware the local China man he could well be your boss in a year ….trust no one..

Love you all guys and gals  ( even the China man)
Here’s the stunning beautiful Jessica Parker Kennedy 

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